A Fall from From Grace by @TylerPerry on @Netflix

A Fall from Grace opens with an older woman on the ledge of a roof asking how she could be so stupid. Distracted or pushed by the wind of a helicopter, the woman falls off the roof and we’ve witnessed he first tragedy of the movie. Using rudimentary foreshadowing, we know it must somehow be related, but we don’t quite know yet. The movie escalates as quickly as any crazy relationship would but Grace asks herself all the questions we wonder; How could she let this happen? Is she really that stupid? But the worst part about questioning Grace is that we are actually questioning — Does this old woman really think this young man could ever love her? No one thinks they are dumb enough to fall for a con artist… but con artists aren’t dumb. In addition, we begin to question the law and the system as we watch a public defendant give her all.

Goldstone: The Ambition Stone

Being that this stone is related to your root chakra, the feelings it emits and the problems it solves are typically related to the core of our being and whatever it is that keeps us grounded, stable and rooted. I keep this stone at my desk so that every glimpse can inspire me. The stone is bright and shiny as to represent your wildest dreams. Knowing that can remind you to push yourself, no matter what. Having a stone like this on my desk sometimes helps me muster the strength to move forward and realize my “golden future”. Since this is the “stone of ambition”, you might be able to gather some inspiration. You can also set an intention for your stone — sort of put a specific dream into it, so that you are constantly reminded of that dream and are reminded to put energy into it.

” Body Count” by @JessieReyez

What made me fall in love with the song was actually the video. Staged at the scene of the Salem witch trails, Jessie is burned at the stake for seemingly loving who she wanted to love. The juxtaposition between the verses being a bit flirty and sexual are really uplifted by the video and make you understand that this song can apply to so much more than just someone’s sexual preferences. I really love what Jessie did with this one and respect her for the artistic integrity she put forth.

Locked Up (Vis a Vis) on @NETFLIX

The first season introduces you to all the girls and you quickly start to pick your favorites. I love how each one has a distinct story and personality. Somehow, you learn to love even the most evil of them, because you see all they’re going through and recognize them as human. Season after season of escape, murder, kidnapping and much more, you are sure to stay entertained while the characters rack up life sentences. The most unrealistic part is how many times these girl escape — after a whi

Hangin’ & Mackin’ (Vol. 1) – by @RagzDaArtist

I’m incredibly impressed with Ragz & his EP. He’s the main inspiration for a lot of the people back home, myself included. He’s put me onto engineers and has done an amazing job networking. I love the way his voice has evolved over time — I have to admit I find courage in his strength to rhyme & sing with such ease & talent. Additionally, his promo game has truly stepped up on this project.

Money Heist on @Netflix

What would you do with 2.4 Billion Euros? Under the training and supervision of The Professor, an unlikely group of rebels because a family of robbers, making Robin Hood’s dreams come true in “Money Heist”. Tapping into their deepest needs and strongest talents, The Professor builds a team to infiltrate and rob one of Spains largest banks. With endless planning and wit, the group puts the government to the test when it comes to keeping order, and maintaining their morals. Just like the people of Spain, who being to applaud the robbers for stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, we learn to love these characters, while they find a way to love themselves and trust each other.

“Someone Great” on @Netflix

Such a cute (& funny) movie about besties. Gina RodriguezBrittany Snow and DeWanda Wise are phenomenal; each of them is absolutely

ARIES Season (March 20-April 20)

Here are a few things you need to know when dealing with an Aries. Although the horoscope dates are listed March 20-April 20th, Aries is actually the first sign in the astrological calendar and will, more than likely, want to be treated that way. Here are a few notes on how people under the Aries sign are affected as our planets move into the line of these 4 bright stars and everything they stand for.