A Fall from From Grace by @TylerPerry on @Netflix


Sometimes, you watch a movie because it has a great trailer, other times because it has a great reveiew. Tyler Perry ‘s movies beckon you to watch, simply to understand the conversation generated by them. A Fall from Grace started coming up on my timeline with mixed reviews, so I had to check it out for myself.

A Fall from Grace opens with an older woman on the ledge of a roof asking how she could be so stupid. Distracted or pushed by the wind of a helicopter, the woman falls off the roof and we’ve witnessed he first tragedy of the movie. Using rudimentary foreshadowing, we know it must somehow be related, but we don’t quite know yet. The movie escalates as quickly as any crazy relationship would but Grace asks herself all the questions we wonder; How could she let this happen? Is she really that stupid? But the worst part about questioning Grace is that we are actually questioning — Does this old woman really think this young man could ever love her? No one thinks they are dumb enough to fall for a con artist… but con artists aren’t dumb. In addition, we begin to question the law and the system as we watch a public defendant give her all.


As Trav and I watched, he started complaining about how there’s always some “evil man” at the root of Perry’s plot, destroying the lives of the beautiful women casted. Unfortunately, Perry touches on subjects that are real life. It must be as hard for him to watch Tyler Perry movies as it is for me to watch any episode of Being Mary Jane. It’s hurtful to continuously see the characters who resemble you make poor choices. It tough to say you wouldn’t have fallen for the same a Grace… we’re all stupid in the name of love.

Still, I think the “saving grace” for this movie is that there is a definitely plot twist at the end. I think Perry might have known he was writing the same ‘ol script and I appreciate how this one turned around in the end. As “bad” as people said this was, it’s great. Like I mentioned before, this starts to feel like a daytime drama and there’s a reason those last for years. If I’m lucky, Tyler Perry will create a Day of our Lives that I’ll actually be interested in by the time I pick out my room at the nursing home.

Overall, I don’t think the movie is as bad as some people made it out to be. As is becoming typical with most of Tyler Perry’s movies, the acting feels very dramatic and seemingly made for day-time TV. Still, he has stuck to the movies and continued writing stories to keep us entertertained. If you’ve watched everything you “want” to watch on Netflix, this definitely won’t hurt. (Especially if you’re into murder mysteries.)The suspenseful drama will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out what happened. Grab your popcorn and cuddle up for this one!

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