A Fall from From Grace by @TylerPerry on @Netflix

A Fall from Grace opens with an older woman on the ledge of a roof asking how she could be so stupid. Distracted or pushed by the wind of a helicopter, the woman falls off the roof and we’ve witnessed he first tragedy of the movie. Using rudimentary foreshadowing, we know it must somehow be related, but we don’t quite know yet. The movie escalates as quickly as any crazy relationship would but Grace asks herself all the questions we wonder; How could she let this happen? Is she really that stupid? But the worst part about questioning Grace is that we are actually questioning — Does this old woman really think this young man could ever love her? No one thinks they are dumb enough to fall for a con artist… but con artists aren’t dumb. In addition, we begin to question the law and the system as we watch a public defendant give her all.

Money Heist on @Netflix

What would you do with 2.4 Billion Euros? Under the training and supervision of The Professor, an unlikely group of rebels because a family of robbers, making Robin Hood’s dreams come true in “Money Heist”. Tapping into their deepest needs and strongest talents, The Professor builds a team to infiltrate and rob one of Spains largest banks. With endless planning and wit, the group puts the government to the test when it comes to keeping order, and maintaining their morals. Just like the people of Spain, who being to applaud the robbers for stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, we learn to love these characters, while they find a way to love themselves and trust each other.

“Someone Great” on @Netflix

Such a cute (& funny) movie about besties. Gina RodriguezBrittany Snow and DeWanda Wise are phenomenal; each of them is absolutely

Birdbox on @NETFLIX – #Recap #Review

If you haven’t already seen Birdbox, the internet memes will certainly make you. The psychologically disturbing horror film tells a chilling story of an epidemic in where people are killing themselves, and others are helping them.

Wanted on @NETFLIX

Written by PresidentELLA

Nothing like a series of action packed chick drama to get me through. I’m almost finished binge watching WANTED on Netflix which follows the lives of two women, Chelsea and Lola (formally known as Lillian) after the are accidentally abducted by crooked cops. The women bond together in one of those “this was totally meant to happen” kind of way that’s incredibly satisfying while you clean the entire house. 

Stranger Things on Netflix

Written by PresidentELLA I am not the only one who loves Stranger Things. With the release of Season 2, this is the perfect time to binge! A group a nerdy boys run into a super girl who escaped from a laboratory and help them defeat a monster from another dimension. This is a show for anyContinue reading “Stranger Things on Netflix”