“Forever” by @ToryLanez

Most recently on repeat, is this thorough declaration from Tory Lanez. His inflections meld perfectly with the hypnotic music while he takes us to church on this track. The juxtaposition between the vulgarity of the content vs how smooth the music is creates a crucial balance in helping to understand & enjoy this track. 

Extreme as the circumstances of this song may be, I’d want Tory to be the homie if push comes to actual shove 😫🤗. I appreciate songs like this (that speak to gutter experiences) because it highlights the reality; different people expect different things in this world. There was a time when I thought extreme loyalty was the only kind there was. I didn’t hesitate to take the license plate off my car & quietly back down a one way street in the the dark. My mind changed when I saw disloyalty and/or when my loyalty was not reciprocated… so I don’t ride & I don’t expect anyone to ride for me. Still, I admire anyone who still loves that hard. 

Depending on if you need & reciprocate that kind of dedication, you might not particularly  love this song. It may be hard for some to sing an anthem about going to jail together, but I see gangsta rap (if we can call this that) much like I see couture fashion — it’s not for everyone & even for those who fuck with it, it’s not for everyday. 

It’s wild to think that there are people who think you need to help them bury a shovel 👀 I might got you forever & ever… but not through every endeavor. Maybe I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m only dying for my children; my husband needs to have his shit together 😫🤣 

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