Money Heist on @Netflix

What would you do with 2.4 Billion Euros? Under the training and supervision of The Professor, an unlikely group of rebels because a family of robbers, making Robin Hood’s dreams come true in “Money Heist”. Tapping into their deepest needs and strongest talents, The Professor builds a team to infiltrate and rob one of Spains largest banks. With endless planning and wit, the group puts the government to the test when it comes to keeping order, and maintaining their morals. Just like the people of Spain, who being to applaud the robbers for stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, we learn to love these characters, while they find a way to love themselves and trust each other.

Birdbox on @NETFLIX – #Recap #Review

If you haven’t already seen Birdbox, the internet memes will certainly make you. The psychologically disturbing horror film tells a chilling story of an epidemic in where people are killing themselves, and others are helping them.

Homecoming on @PRIMEVIDEO

From the storyline to the filming, it’s evident that this series was as carefully put together as the fictional plot. Julia Roberts plays a rookie therapist, Heidi Bergman, working in a new program with military veterans. She (and the soldiers) think the purpose of the program is to help “cure” PTSD… but they’re not privy to the truth… yet.

Insecure S3:E4 (RECAP)

Written by President ELLA

I’m more proud of Issa every episode. Maybe she sense my disappointment. (lol). At the end of last season, she turns down Daniel’s attempt to reinitiate their relationship [in bed]. In this episode, we start at another shut down; Danial shows up with a box of her things and she could  invite him in, but she doesn’t. It’s probably because Molly is also on the way, but that just shows that Issa is consciously choosing “other”. In sum, this is the episode of Issa choosing a better life, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

Insecure (Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2)

Written by President ELLA

Issa gets ON MY NERVES. Had a debate with my girlfriends because of this, but I get no less frustrated with her than any of my girlfriends who I don’t think are making the wisest decision (even if it’s myself). Picking up from season 1 where Issa basically cheated on her boyfriend and messed up her whole life, we start season 2 with her living with Daniel. While I’m glad to have Issa back, I hate to see her like this. 

Wanted on @NETFLIX

Written by PresidentELLA

Nothing like a series of action packed chick drama to get me through. I’m almost finished binge watching WANTED on Netflix which follows the lives of two women, Chelsea and Lola (formally known as Lillian) after the are accidentally abducted by crooked cops. The women bond together in one of those “this was totally meant to happen” kind of way that’s incredibly satisfying while you clean the entire house.