ARIES Season (March 20-April 20)


Here are a few things you need to know when dealing with an Aries. Although the horoscope dates are listed March 20-April 20th, Aries is actually the first sign in the astrological calendar and will, more than likely, want to be treated that way. Here are a few notes on how people under the Aries sign are affected as our planets move into the line of these 4 bright stars and everything they stand for.

As a Cardinal sign, these people are likely to be active, self-motivated, insightful and ambitious. That means, if you don’t make plans to celebrate this person, they will go ahead and do it themselves. They are NOT waiting around. Named after the Golden Ram, a symbol of authority and kinship in mythology, and dedicated to Ares, the god of war people born under this sign aren’t who you want to cross; they will be your best friend or your worst enemy. This fire sign is not going to give up easy. Even if it is a slow burn, you will feel the burn regardless. This might also go back to the stubborn quality of that ram.

When the Aries constellation and the planet Mars are aligned, this is ideal for Aries because it feels at home; Mars and Aries share many of the same qualities with the fire and passion. Same goes for the sun! When the Sun is in the Aries constellation, the sign is exalted — in the ultimate place off self-awareness. These are going to the times when your Aries is in the best possible attitude! Aries enjoys action and passion — plan an activity from the heart, Aries will enjoy something meaningful which they can be a meaningful part of.

When Venus is in the Aries constellation, Aries is in its detriment. Any qualities associated with Venus will be toughest for this sign, especially at this time — love, beauty, harmony. This is not to say it is impossible, but Aries might not be your most mushy, feelings-first people — they are much more calculated and/or passionate. So… please understand that your strong Aries might still not feel 100%. Because Saturn is positioned directly across from the Sun, when Saturn enters Aries, the sign also goes through a weak point called a fall. Since Saturn is the planet of social order, conformity, social order and ethic, it is possible Aries might have an issue with authority or social norms — the Aries can be rebellious… or an artist. Be sensitive to this note as Aries does not like to be challenged — hopefully this helps you understand this tricky sign a bit better.

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