Goldstone: The Ambition Stone

IMG_8706 copy.jpgIMG_8706 copy.jpg

I am totally one attracted to pretty, gold, shiny things — especially if they’re labeled “to ensure a golden future”. The goldstone was everything I needed when I say it. Although I love rough, natural stones, I love that this stone was cut in a heart shape. Predictable as it may be, the heart shape makes me truly consider my emotions and how I feel on the inside.

Color/Appearance: Personally, I think this is the best looking stone. It literally sparkles, but (most that I have seen) is super smooth and I think that is because this particular rock is man-made. It was either invented by alchemist monks, or by an Italian jeweler. The color looks more orange and sparkly than it does like gold. The mixture of crystal, sand and copper leave us with this beautiful stone.

Goldstone crystal is a special stone that gets its shimmery appearance from Quartz and sand glass that’s been infused with copper particles, giving it a signature glistening luster. The heavenly sparkles remind us that light can always be found in the darkness. We all walk in the shadows from time to time but Goldstone shows us how to turn on our own inner light of radiance and joy. –

Pairing: It is recommended to pair this stone with others that share the deep orange color such as “Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, and Orange Calcite”

How to Use: Being that this stone is related to your root chakra, the feelings it emits and the problems it solves are typically related to the core of our being and whatever it is that keeps us grounded, stable and rooted. I keep this stone at my desk so that every glimpse can inspire me. The stone is bright and shiny as to represent your wildest dreams. Knowing that can remind you to push yourself, no matter what. Having a stone like this on my desk sometimes helps me muster the strength to move forward and realize my “golden future”. Since this is the “stone of ambition”, you might be able to gather some inspiration. You can also set an intention for your stone — sort of put a specific dream into it, so that you are constantly reminded of that dream and are reminded to put energy into it.

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