Hangin’ & Mackin’ (Vol. 1) – by @RagzDaArtist

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Straight out The Hood, Rags kicked off his EP with an ode to his homies. “We should play this game for life,” the short intro attempts to set the tone as the guys chant “mackin & hangin”.

The first track gives a bit of explanation to the vibe, “Why you playin on my line? I don’t hate you but I’m doing just fine,” Ragz voice glides onto the track. This song illustrates that saying that the best revenge is moving on… Being that I semi grew up with Ragz (that’s the Bro for real, for real), I can attest to the fact that he definitely one of those dudes you can call; he always reps his set, always holds it down. I’ve never known him to be a “mackin & hanging” kinda dude to dog women & this track is proof of that. “The fussin, the fighting/ like thunder and lightening/ we break up, we make up/ we fuckin all night, then/ it’s fuck you and fuck me/ love you more than life/ wasn’t perfect, we know this/ but tried to make right ..” he tells a tale many of us know all too well. The surprising thing is Ragz reaction to the situation, “I met me this girl and she changed up my world… I got me a new bitch and she so real,” he boasts and that is a knife through the heart of whoever this joint is about. To be honest, I couldn’t listen to this track at first because it’s so sad & real but after truly listening, it’s definitely a song to learn from on how to come out of a break up with your head held high.

The next track almost literally makes you double back. There is nothing but passion & desire on this song “we both know that we aint no good for eachother. But in the late night, them burning hours, we be feeling so good to each other.” My favorite part of the track is when Ragz speaks from the POV of the female who “only love [him] when them pretty ass legs throwing up the peace sign.“ I know im not the only one looking for Instagram-able songs & you can catch me dancing at about 1:00 – Don’t care who you with, them other bitches ain’t like me. Or who you getting, nigga? Who you kidding, I’m the flyest.” That verse is full of shit I wish I had said 🤣 to that, Ragz responds “Pin her down, tell her turn around. Lick and dick her down.” 👅 😳

The next song is “Slow Down” is my favorite — the song is obviously made for women & it comes complete with an island/afro beat to help you get your slow-whine together. “Picking it up, breaking it down, moving that thing round and round. Girl you need to slow it down,” Ragz hypes the vibe. “You work all day just to party all night, but you pay your own bills so you know it’s all right,” he wisely speaks directly to the women. He tactfully praises and uplifts the female listener — he usually has a great way of making you feel beautiful & special in his music (maybe that’s why CWFU was so tough for me to listen to 😩). “Strong woman what you see in your reflection, so you don’t need a weak man in your direction. Fuck what you hear baby girl, it’s all lies…”

The EP wraps up with My Peace & a final lesson for the ladies, “as long as you about me girl, I’ll make you my world — if you all about me, then I’m all about you.” This smooth track gives nothing but compliments to the female who has caught his attention. “You curve niggas. They hate crazy. They bird bitches and you ain’t, baby,” he congratulates her. These are either descriptions of a real life gem, or maybe this song is his wishlist of what that perfect girl would be like. I’m kinda mad she gotta “keep the rice on the stove AND she works in the kitchen” 🙄🤣 JK, this really feels like a classic hustlers’ “if you was my wifey” kinda song & I totally respect it.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with Ragz & his EP. He’s the main inspiration for a lot of the people back home, myself included. He’s put me onto engineers and has done an amazing job networking. I love the way his voice has evolved over time — I have to admit I find courage in his strength to rhyme & sing with such ease & talent. Additionally, his promo game has truly stepped up on this project.

I hope you all take some time to listen to these 4 tracks. Would LOVE to hear what you think!

(Congrats, Bro 🍾 🖤)

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