Parasailing w/ @DresselDivers


The parasails were taunting me every time I looked our onto the water. As it lingered on my list of goals, I kept watching people fly by, filling me with enough fomo to check parasailing off my list. 

At Iberostar, the Dressel Divers company hosts parasailing groups which head out every hour from 10a-4p & typically have openings for you to join! After breakfast, we walked right up to their station and easily booked the parasailing. The cost is $90 per person, or $140 for a pair. We were advised the entire experience would last about an hour, so we grabbed lunch to kill time & avoid being hungry on the boat. (We also went rafting! Check out my post on that experience!) 

No shoes or belongings were allowed on the boat so we left our shoes on the dock & my bag in the office. I definitely appreciated having sunglasses while I was out there. The boat pulling the parasail moves pretty fast & tilts on turns, so you don’t want any loose items on the boat 😉

We were the last of 3 pairs to fly. The guy before us (& his son) had talked about a feeling of weightlessness, but I beg to differ; I always felt secure & grounded by the harness. The harness wraps around your waist & legs, the parasail clips to you legs & creates handles for you to grab onto while you soar — practically creating a seat for you. When you finally lift off, you’re asked to sit down & then the sail drags you away! The ropes then hug on your sides, pressing your upper thighs together — which can be uncomfortable for men, I heard 👀

Overall, this was an amazing experience I would definitely do again. For 15 minutes, you glad across the sky, at eye level with birds and able to take in the sights for miles. It’s truly an incredible way to SEE a new place. From the height, you can see all the nearby the land, the neighborhoods & if you’re lucky as we were, you might see a stingray swimming in the clear blue water. But the water 😩🥰omg the water is beautiful. While on the parasail, you’re able to see all the different blues of the ocean, showing you it’s depth or clarity. The water around us was only about 6-8 feet deep, so we were able to see to the very bottom. 

Have you ever been parasailing? Why not?!? Or where?! Would you do it [again]? Let me know your fav/ideal parasailing spot, would love to hear from you! 

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