Hangin’ & Mackin’ (Vol. 1) – by @RagzDaArtist

I’m incredibly impressed with Ragz & his EP. He’s the main inspiration for a lot of the people back home, myself included. He’s put me onto engineers and has done an amazing job networking. I love the way his voice has evolved over time — I have to admit I find courage in his strength to rhyme & sing with such ease & talent. Additionally, his promo game has truly stepped up on this project.

Elephant in the Room by @iamJoshDWH

Written by PresidentELLA The homie, Josh DWH (Dream.Work.Hustle), dropped Elephant in the Room, and the entire project is fire. Josh DWH has been an introspective artist since I’ve met him; he’s guaranteed to make you reflect and question life on almost every track. Having vibed with Josh DWH closely in the past, I feel IContinue reading “Elephant in the Room by @iamJoshDWH”

“Ella Mai” by @EllaMai

Written by President ELLA

I’ve been waiting for a full (new) project from Ms. Ella Mai. Apparently, she’s been working on this self-titled album and compiling her work just for people like me 🙂 The 16 song project is certainly worth the listen; even the mediocre song are really good because her voice is simply that serene.

“Own Drum” by @LukeObrienMusic

Written by President ELLA

Luke’s got another one for us! I didn’t know what was going to come after “Old Love” but I am very satisfied with the next single, “Own Drum”. “Dancing to be beat of my own drum. Even if I’m dancing by my lonesome,” he bellows beautifully, guaranteeing to pull passion from you, as well.  This uplifting track is definitely the way I want to go into the next season of my life.  


Written by President ELLA

Honestly, I think it’s her best project yet. I know, I know… we don’t like the shots at Cardi or Lil Kim or any kind of (blackgirl on blackgirl hate), but the rap game been what it is. It’s about being the best, the dopest, the illest, the trillest — the absolute most of whatever you need to be at the time. We can’t possible expect Nicki to suddenly make amends with her rival and arch nemesis. What we can expect, is for her to come hard. 

Baby Blues EP by @AdiaVictoria

Written by PresidentELLA

I was pleasantly surprised at how at home I felt in Adia Victoria’s sullen, yet beautiful artwork. Her wiki page will tell you that she used writing as a coping mechanism, but her music will tell you more.

Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter – @MadyxMusic

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Alternative pop singer/songwriter Madyx! Born Michelle Blanchard, has wanted to be in the music industry since she was a kid. “When I was 8 years old, my parents bought me a guitar for my birthday and my life was forever changed,” she said. Growing up, Madyx’s parents also always played a variety of music from classic rock to country, and that helped shape her diverse writing style. After playing in a bunch of bands during high school, Madyx moved out to LA to really build her music career and even started a band called Life Down Here. “We made a pretty good name for ourselves: getting to open for Paramore, played a bunch of high schools across SoCal and several LGBT pride festivals in addition to the Warped Tour,” she said of her band experience. However, as she grew older, her musical style changed and she parted ways with the band, and branched out her own as Madyx! “It’s been a wild ride ever since,” the singer excitedly admitted.

Vic Mensa – The Autobiography

Written by PresidentELLA I admittedly buy into most things Jay-Z promotes because I’m rarely disappointed; I’m adding Vic Mensa to the list. Roc Nation’s Chicago representative is helping bring soul back to rap. His aptly titled project, The Autobiography, is heavy in storytelling and rhythmic aerobics. The sound Opening with proclamations of his success, the firstContinue reading “Vic Mensa – The Autobiography”