Birdbox on @NETFLIX – #Recap #Review

Written by ELLA

If you haven’t already seen Birdbox, the internet memes will certainly make you. The psychologically disturbing horror film tells a chilling story of an epidemic in where people are killing themselves, and others are helping them. The suspenseful sci-fi is definitely worth the watch, even if only for pop culture purposes.

Image Via  EurWebImage Via  EurWeb

Image Via EurWeb

Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, is getting a check up at the hospital when the destruction hits the United States. She watches her sister succumb to the evil and walk right in front of a train. Searching for refuge, she is found by Trevante Rhodes and they lock up in a house and attempt to survive while the audience takes its bets… and tries to figure out WTF is going on.

If Sandra Bullock’s name isn’t enough to make you watch,  Trevante Rhodes is also nice to watch 👀💕. (It’s been nice seeing brown faces casted for roles where their skin color isn’t the most important part of the character). The two form a connection while the world is coming to an end, as if they’re the last people left on earth. They can’t leave look out into the sky or else, they’ll be overcome by some spirit that tugs are their hearts through memory and forces them to commit suicide.  Most people hear the voices of loved ones, calling them to join them.

Other people, are able to stay alive, but they are overcome by a mob mentality leading them to hunt down the uninfected, and make them “see the truth”. In the movie, the people who don’t kill themselves are former felons or simply… bad people. It seems that these socio-paths have nothing to feel sorry about and, therefore, no desire to end their own lives. Instead, their new purpose seems to be Zombies of Evil.

Overall, the movie is incredibly entertaining, although slightly ridiculous. This is one of those “that would never happen” movies, which is probably how it earned the sci-fi label. It reminded me a bit of The Maiden’s Tale in that there is a sudden sweep that changes the way the world works. Especially in our focus on saving the children. There’s a bit of “The Walking Dead in this movie, too. This is the type of film that makes you question how safe you would be if your morality were to come under scrutiny by alien forces. What is “good” really?

Unfortunately, this movie is also funny due to the internet’s reaction to the content. There are countless memes poking fun at wearing blindfolds. The memes are practically modern day satire — what would make you take your blindfold off?  Have you seen them?!?! A few of my favorites are below. Enjoy! It’s only entertainment!!

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