“Recipe” by @Mr_Hip #MusicVideo

Written by ELLA

Dear Vegans, this here is your anthem. 🎧 Mr Hip has moved to the west coast & served up a melodic message non-violence via food choice 🍌🌴💕

Since I met him in college, he’s had the ability to put a smile on my face & everyone else’s. Snicker if you’d like, but “killing is a sin” as Mr Hip slyly slips in. It’s refreshing to hear a message (sometimes any message) in music these days, but more so, it’s inspiring to watch someone follow their dreams; especially multiple dreams 😍 After leaving a dope job with FEMA, Mr Hip moved to New York for a stint & is now teaching in LA. All the while, he’s been hosting a variety of events, recording albums and being a puttin’ on for Southeast D.C.

I get happy when I see this guy & I’m sure you will too. Check our more of his music on iTunes and recipes on his YouTube Channel.

Peta’s got to put this in a commercial or something 🙄😂

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