Wanted on @NETFLIX


Written by PresidentELLA

Nothing like a series of action packed chick drama to get me through. I’m almost finished binge watching WANTED on Netflix which follows the lives of two women, Chelsea and Lola (formally known as Lillian) after the are accidentally abducted by crooked cops. The women bond together in one of those “this was totally meant to happen” kind of way that’s incredibly satisfying while you clean the entire house. 

With two seasons already on Netflix, this is definitely a show to put on when your boyfriend is busy, so you can’t watch whatever y’all watch together. This probably pairs well with wine while your girlfriends are over. Better yet, I’m definitely waiting on Season 3 to come in 2018, so I might get my mom to watch it with me over a winter stay-cation. Chelsea and Lola bond like mother and daughter, as well as best friends; while they learn to love each other, build new friendships and stand strong against the world which underestimates them, the drama is certainly to come around and warm you from time to time. 

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