An Affordable #LasVegas Vacation

Written by PresidentELLA

It’ll be our second time in Vegas together, I’ve got a plan to make the most of our coins. All I want in life are bright lights, room service and a heated pool. I mean… I want more in life than just that, but if ever I’m in desperate need of a vacation, I know that Vegas will do the trick. Luckily, he loves Vegas as much as I do, so I’ve got to learn how to make this happen as often (and as affordably) as possible. 

This first lesson we learned is to book our flight and hotel together. On Expedia, we paid $997.02 for room + hotel for 5 days/4 nights total. This is not counting the room fee they’ll hold on my card once we get there, but definitely including travel insurance. We booked separately last time and paid about $600 for flights and $600 for hotel. We’re already on a great start! 

We’re staying in a suite at the Polo Towers, which are almost center of the strip. The hotel has private, free parking as well as a roof top pool. Our room has a full kitchen, so we can make meals, if we choose to. We also have a jacuzzi and private balcony. Set just off the street, but still on the actual strip, the Polo Towers hotel is walking distance to almost anything.

Everything is accessible in Vegas, but I’m not the type to just spend all of my hard-earned cash, especially if I don’t have to! We usually make a grocery store run for necessities and snacks. We agree on one big meal (like baked ziti) that we can pick at and throw in the microwave anytime we randomly get hungry. That helps keep extra change in our pockets. Still, I plan to wake up early to get breakfast at Eggslut  and Krispy Kreme at least once while I collect my coupons for the day.

There are tons of people working as human advertising and handing our flyers — take them all; these will get you free drinks and/or discounts on meals. Over breakfast, we review my coupons and see if there’s anything we want to take advantage of. While most of the coupons might not be huge deals, I will certainly take a free drink refill and save my $5 for the valet or anything else. I feel like… If I save $5 five times, I’m one my way to a well-earned $25 entree or activity 😉 

I’m trying to figure out some more fun things to do in Vegas besides go to the club and walk the strip. Any ideas? What do you all do in Vegas? Leave me some tips or recommendations of you have any! 



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