Where to Stay in Puerto Rico: Hato Rey

For the second part of my Puerto Rico trip, I stayed at a place in Hato Rey with a beautiful rooftop. While I loved the beaches, having a private pool was something I couldn’t pass up!

Staying in Hato Rey, you definitely need a car. This ABB apartment had a a private parking space which really came in handy. The spot is directly in front of the apartment, making it super easy to unload and pack up. When you arrive, you walk down a beautiful path and a greeted with tons of flowers. If you’re anything like me, you’ll notice the security cameras and be grateful for them. There is an automatic light that comes on and lights your path if you happen to be moving around later in the day.

There is a staircase leading up to the rooftop apartment, painted in the signature blue of the house. The rooftop itself is incredibly spacious. The first thin you’ll notice is the pool! You have a lovely skyline view and plenty privacy. The pool is not heated, but the water gets pretty hot by the afternoon with the sun beating down on it. It’s also lighted so you have a fluorescent, fun vibe at night. You also have a lovely hammock to swing on and relax in the evening.

Inside the apartment, I was welcomed by lovely splashes of yellow to compliment the blue. In the main room, you have a living area and dining table. This all leads into a small kitchen, which I didn’t really use due to eating so much mangu. There are two bedrooms, making this perfect for a family stay. One bedroom has a bunk bed set up and the others has a full/queen size bed. Both rooms have air conditioning to keep you comfortable through the night.

The only notes I would have is that this is a truly local neighborhood, so while the apartment is safe, the surrounding neighborhood doesn’t have the best reputation. If you aren’t driving, it may take Ubers quite some time to get to you. I had 3 Ubers cancel before I could get a ride to the airport 😔So I’d make sure I have a car, if staying here.

My favorite part of this stay was definitely the rooftop. It was so peaceful, lovely and perfect for a mini photo shoot. I’d stay here again without hesitation.

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