Flyboarding – Loquillo, PR


Flyboarding in Puerto Rico was one of the absolute best things I did there. It was about an hours drive from San Juan and well worth the travel. Not only was this a new experience, but it was a total body workout and it gave me a beautiful view of the beach.

The Flyboarding station is located in the middle of Loquillo Beach. Parking was super cheap and there was plenty available. The beach itself was absolutely gorgeous. The Flyboard people were super nice. There was a woman sitting at the station and a man giving lessons. Obviously, I was late, but they were kind enough to put me into the next avaiable slot. There wasn’t a long wait, I just had to wait for the person currently in the water to finish.

The instructor was incredibly helpful & patient. The jets on the board were powered by his jet ski. He gave me great instructions on how to get myself up and above the water. I can’t lie; it took me while. You start out with your feet below you, like you’re on an underwater skateboard. Then, you try to straighten your legs and tighten your entire body as the jets gain more power. Eventually, he taught me how to shift my weight to make the board go in the direction I wanted to. He gave me a pointer of looking at the back of the jet ski in order to keep my focus.

I think I was flying around for about 30 minutes; it felt like a really long time, even though it took me forever to stand up straight. He also took tons of photos and videos of me which I received in a few days. The photos were included, which is a great plus and truly earned them the tip I left. If ever I get the chance, I’ll definitely do this again, it was such an exhilarating experience and I felt it in my entire body afterwards. I’m always up for a new water sport!

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