Puerto Rico: Where to Stay – Ashford Ave

The first place I stayed in Puerto Rico was absolutely ideal. The Air BnB apartment was right on Ashford Ave, the main street on the island, parallel to the beach. The beach was literally across the street from me. From my balcony, I could see the waves through a perfectly positioned opening between the buildings across the street. From the back entrance, I had an amazing view of the Condado lagoon.

The apartment was lovely, overall. There was a kitchen & living area I didn’t use much because I was our enjoying the island but it was super spacious and had a lot of windows, with great natural lighting. The bathroom was a bit small, but it was still workable. The neighbors weren’t a nuisance at all. The key pick up & drop off were easy; there’s a store and restaurant downstairs and it seems the apartment owner has a good relationship with them, so they’d be the ones you pick up/drop off your key to.

It was surprisingly windy, but it gave for a great breeze through the heat, especially at night when I could have fresh air instead of a stuffy Air Conditioner. It was great weather for yoga on the balcony in the morning. But it was terrible for a short float skirt 😂 I had to hold my skirt down as I walked home from dinner one night. I always plan naps during vacation because you don’t realize how much energy you’re using; after my nap, I could look out from my balcony and see if people were out running the streets yet & knew when to start getting ready to enjoy my night.

The apartment was walking distancing from just about everything. Most of the popular restaurants, as well as the casino were just a short walk away. The building provided parking for $10/day so I was able to park right down stairs & only use my car when I was going somewhere far. There’s also a huge parking lot to the right of the building if you have guests who need parking. At the back of that same parking lot, you can book a kayaking excursion (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

There was a pool in the back that I didnt use (hadn’t been cleaned and the water was cold) but the beach was so close, I really just used the pool edge for a quick photo shoot 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 If you’re a vacation photo opportunist like me, this building had plenty ops. Leading to the pool is small tropical garden with plenty palm trees to pose under. The building is right on the lagoon, so you can see it beautiful from the back stairwell (I took my daily outfit pics there).

I’d definitely stay in this apartment again. If this isn’t available, I’d absolutely have to stay on it close to Ashford Ave.

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