Where to Stay: Philly Weekend Getaway

The AirBNB in Philly was between University City and West Philadelphia. It was perfectly located to hit the cheesesteaks we wanted to taste test over the weekend. The spot itself was super cute. The building is painted a fun purple color, although we barely used the front door. Honestly, the best part of the AirBNB was that there was a dedicated parking spot in the back, inside a gate.

Puerto Rico: Where to Stay – Ashford Ave

The first place I stayed in Puerto Rico was absolutely ideal. The Air BnB apartment was right on Ashford Ave, the main street on the island, parallel to the beach. The beach was literally across the street the street from me. From my balcony, I could see the waves through a perfectly positioned opening between the buildings across the street. From the back entrance, I had an amazing view of the Condado lagoon.

Fullerton, California

Written by PresidentELLA

Fullerton was super cozy. We stayed in an Air BnB that belong to grandparents. The large living room, multiple bedrooms, full kitchen and private pool made for a perfectly relaxed vacation spot on the west coast. There’s a cat, but it doesn’t come inside. The only issue is that it kinda followed me around, so I had to run away, since I’m allergic lol. Otherwise, our stay was quiet and comfortable. If you’re looking for a low-key getaway, this is a good spot to consider. 

Living the High Life in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Need a quick getaway? That’s what Florida is for! Miami is a great, quick get-away for couples, too. I’ve been to South Beach before but I was trying to do it grown this time. This relaxing, low-key vacation was perfectly lit. If you’re looking to plan a getaway, but want to be realistic about the details, I’ve broken them down here for you as best as I can!