Breakfast at Pannes in Puerto Rico


After catching an early flight to Puerto Rico, I dropped into Pannes to enjoy a full, hearty breakfast. Not only do they open at 6am, but they have parking in the back!

I hung out for quite a while on the back deck, enjoying the weather and watching palm trees sway in the distance. There were plenty people indoors and the actual establishment is pretty large. I loved the versatility if the place; I found a cute solitary spot but you could absolutely come here with a large group.

I ordered the “Popeye’s Scramble” which was basically their version of a Greek Omelete. It’s was actually a pretty big serving for only $8.99. I also has bacon 🥓 & bread 🥖 but I don’t remember if it came with the meal or was separate, sorry 🙁 of course, I had lattes at the beginning and end of my meal — the coffee was great, as expected.

Best compliment I can give if this place is the service. It felt like there were a bunch of regulars whom the people working there were super friendly with, but my server was also exceptionally kind. Although I was out back, by myself, they were always attentive — my server as well as others who simply came out to make sure I had what I needed. Customer service is a huge factor to me & it especially makes a difference when you’re traveling solo. While they gave me plenty of space, they didn’t make me feel ignored.

Another great thing about this place is that it’s right off the beach. I just needed to fill up so I could hang on the beach and kill time until I was able to check into my Air BNB. Whether you need a quick bite before or after you hit the beach, I’d definitely recommend this place.

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