The Luminous Lagoon – Falmouth, Jamaica


We kinda got tricked into going to the Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth, but it was all for the better. Right after Rafting at Martha Brea River, you’re driven to the luminous lagoon where the water magically” lights up when it moves. On this tour, you get to witness the beauty of bioluminescence micro-organisms first hand!

The restaurant we were taken to was on the water, so you could look at the lagoon while you ate a generous (and free) meal of rice, jerk chicken & salad 🍛 the cost might have been cheaper if we had originally booked, but we had to pay $100 ($50 each) to board.

You definitely need a swimsuit and a towel. There was a gift shop with overpriced swim trunks & towels, but you can haggle them down if you need to. There is not ATM in the premises, but they’ll either offer to drive you somewhere, or charge your purchase to the bar 🤷🏽‍♀️ When they call your group, I recommend you either enter last, or just try to grab a seat right by the back of the boat, so that you can get the best pictures while the water turns blue under the motor. After a 5-10 minute ride into the dar lagoon, on a high speed boat, you start being able see the water trailing behind you turn a bright, luminescent blue. We had a shitty seat on the way TO the lagoon and we weren’t able to take any pictures, so we got out of the lagoon 2 minutes early & stole seats 💺 Just a heads up so you don’t lose your seat to someone like me 🤣

The water is cold at the bottom and warm up top because there is a mixture of salt water and fresh water. In the lagoon, the warm ocean water meets the cold river water, creating an odd, yet amazing feeling as you swim around. The water isn’t incredibly deep (6-8 feet) but I couldn’t touch the bottom and we all wore life jackets. The guides have you swim to the front if the boat where they (try to) take pictures of you. I truly appreciate that they took pictures because it was super hard to capture; you’re literally swimming in the dark and using flash ruins the cool effect you see in the dark water. While the actual activity wasn’t super picture friendly, the experience was incredible. They say you look 10 years younger after swimming in the lagoon and I’m here for it! 💁🏽‍♀️

Since our hotel pool at Iberostar closed around 7-8 (sunset) this was a great way to find a water activity at night. I have to admit a (huge) part of me was nervous about swimming in open water (in the dark), but the water is supposedly too warm for great white sharks 🦈 😓 I didn’t feel any fish swimming around my feet and I honestly forgot my fear after a while.

I’m not saying I couldn’t have done without the lagoon experience, but I’m really glad I went. We factually didn’t plan to do this, so it was a nice surprise/addition to our trip. I’m not sure you can feel this experience too many other places, so if you have the opportunity and the time, I say you give in & take a dip in the lagoon.

Safe travels!

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