When Goddesses Link Up: @FINDYOURIDNYC’s Art Showcase – @PYNKNYC #OnWednesdaysWeWearPYNK

Written by PresidentELLA

the VYNL event venuethe VYNL event venue

the VYNL event venue

PYNK Wednesdays at the VYNL is practically headquarters for leading women creatives in the tri-state area. The new event, hosted by Find Your ID NYC, highlights women & is open to all art forms, providing opportunities to showcase talents from poetry, singing and rapping to clothing design, modeling and entrepreneurship. This networking event is “the element” any driven and artistic woman wants and needs to be part of.

The evening started with poets projecting their passions through the main floor and up into a balcony full of their peers. The entrance of the VYNL welcomed and easy stream of artists and supporters all night, with 3 floors full of activities. Artists, vendors and their supporters mingled in an environment not easily mimicked. There was an air of pride and power amongst the women, knowing the night was dedicated to them. On any given night, many of these women might have been one of the few (if not the only) female performers. But here, we were fed spoonful after healthy spoonful of beautiful creativity.

Lee Ortiz @ sound checkLee Ortiz @ sound check

Lee Ortiz @ sound check

While we are each so busy trying to keep ourselves together, nothing is more of a force than having women you admire cheer for you. I find incredible inspiration in watching women be great at what they do. PYNKNYC will teach you a humbling lesson in learning how to cheer one another on. Ms Nina Nunez joined as a vendor for the night and graciously gave a away a gorgeous handbag to the livest lady. I know how great it feels to have people clap for my music; it must have been a wonderful feeling to hear people cheer for her product. (& that bag was cute, y’all!) I admire how the Find Your ID NYC team made sure everyone who participated felt as important as they are.

Peacock Street Clothing DesignerPeacock Street Clothing Designer

Peacock Street Clothing Designer

While performers hit the stage on the first floor, the 2nd floor comfortably housed artists waiting their turn and models practicing their walk for Peacock Street’s performance. My favorite feature of the clothing line was (hands down) the demin jackets with images of powerful women, Frida Khalo and Michelle Obama, for example, painted on the back of them. As the women strutted down the walkway with their heads held high, there was no doubt each and every one of us had the other’s back.

On the third floor, endless photoshoots ensued, featuring all of the artists and models. I might say, this was the first, funnest part of the evening. It was immediately evident that this was an event hosted for women by women; glam photoshoot is always a must! That’s where I met Amy the photographer who ended up being my homie all night (and she took a DOPE video during my performance. Thanks, Amy!). Since I was there covering for JWWWD Mag, I got in a bit early and starting making friends. Something I’ve learned is that when I attend events “alone” I’m never really alone. The people “working” the event are human as well. It’s nice to feel like you have people in the building you’ve connected with. So, if you’d like to (or need to) come alone, come on through #YouCanSitWithUs. Imani, the founder of Find Your ID NYC, was also a complete doll; she encouraged me to design a graphic to put on the backdrop for next time. (You better believe it’s done!) There is nothing I admire more than someone who gives advice because they want to help. Follow her on instagram for inspiration!

Showcases like this are a great way to see people you’ve never seen perform in person or to become a new fan. Lee Ortiz and I hung out early while no one was there; she opened the show and did a fantastic job. It was my first time meeting Dezzy Storm in person and she is an absolute diva & doll; looks almost too pretty to be nice, but you’ll be mistaken!! I almost ran off to another show with her and her manager, Lizzy Chanel, but turned back and caught the rest of the PYNKNYC show (because I keep my word). When I came back in, I was able to catch @YepItsIixel and glad I did because she’s dope. She and her friends rocked out with everyone all night and I was glad to be able to return the vibes. I ran into them a couple nights later at another event — PYNKNYC is helping make this big, cold city just a bit smaller. I also found a new fav girl group, @FerraiRocher_! I can’t wait to highlight all of these ladies & more on my music page!!


If you want to see videos of the entire night & everyone I was able to catch, please check out my instagram story. There are so many more beautiful women I didn’t mention here 😦  But that’s the most beautiful part — we are countless, endless reserves of beauty and creativity!!  I was honestly wishing for a place where I could share my talent while appreciating others and have it be nothing be love!!!! The vibes are just different when it’s mostly women. Finally!

Oh!! & How could I forget!! Entry is FREE with RSVP and we got a free, tasty Koppaberg pear cider beer! If you don’t like cider, come find me and I’ll take yours 😉

I can’t wait until the next one!  It’s my new, favorite opportunity to network in a room full of my actual target audience — creative women like me 🙂 Did you attend? If so, drop a comment below! What was your favorite part/act of the night? If not, make sure you’re following Find Your ID NYC  for info on the next event(s)!! See you there!



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Thank you SO MUCH to @findyouridnyc for having me touch the stage. It was GLORIOUS to be in a room brimming with beautiful, talented women. If you all want to see more of them, please head over to @jwwwdmagazine 🗞 💕 . . To @ijonesnewyork for the invite & connecting me to all these lovely women, there is no way to thank u 🙏🏾🎀 . . . 🎥 @amymphotography – you’re a pleasure 💕 . . 🎨 @champagnepopeyes for the quick face.💋 . . . 💎 @jlanijewels for the daily bling 💎 . . #FavoriteFemaleRapper #Rapper #Rapstress #Singer #Femcee #Unsigned #Artist #Model #HipHop #FemaleRapper #Lyricist #unsignedhype #Indie #Independentartist #indienation #underground #undergroundmusic #undergroundhiphop #nycevents #nycwomensevents #nycfreeevents #womensempowerment #pynknyc #femaleartists #womenentrepreneurs #nycwomen #femalerapper #femalesinger #femaleartists #OnWednesdayWeWearPink

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