Representation Matters: Kamala Harris elected VP of the USA

It’s so sad that Black women are still looking for role models. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kamala is fantastic. But in a moment of celebration it’s also quite telling to see how many little girls felt like “no one” looked like them before.

How My World Came Crashing Down in Miami 👿🌴

You know that feeling when everything that could possibly goes wrong happens exactly how it would if your enemy were writing your life story? Yea, well… that’s exactly how Miami’s Art Basel weekend went for me. Tiffany Haddish has this joke about how the devil lives in Miami & I’m telling y’all she’s right because he stole my phone. Let me tell you the story… 

The Lessons I Learned from Loss

The only thing that hurts me more than to watch a mother lose her son, is to watch a sister lose her brother. On November 3rd, we lost my cousin, Julio Angel Berroa Jr., to the night. While I was out enjoying my Halloween, my cousin was fighting his demons. I can only make guesses at to what he was trying to escape from, but since his passing, it’s been hard for me to focus. “Ya murió,” my mother confirmed Junior was officially gone to me through text message. As much as I wanted to be by his side & shake him out of that coma, I know I wouldn’t have been able to stomach it. I don’t know how my mother did it. I didn’t know what to do or say, but unfortunately, I knew how to feel.

America Don’t Love the Kids

IN MY OPINION: This is one of the most disgusting eras of American history. There used to be some sort of gentleman law — human moral code— where people would respect children. The dream is over. I admit it, my mother came to this country for the purpose of. having her children and giving us a better life. One of the main reasons people come to the United States is for education. Even if you had nothing else… even if you had to scrub floors for the rest of your life, the least you could do was send your children to school. While this might have been a brilliant tactic by the evil minds at ICE, this event probably psychologically traumatized so many people — children, mostly. How does America expect to ply the role of a global leader, when this is what we’re doing to the children of our neighbors?

Senator Kamala Harris

This Oakland, California native is running for United Stated President in 2020 in hopes to create an America “where leaders lead with decency… and always fight on the side of the people.” Kamala Harris, a Howard University graduate, has officially begun her campaign for office and her platform seems to be very clear — and somewhat controversial.

A Letter to Nipsey

Dear Nipsey,

This is my first of these; I figure I can speak directly, now. I can’t say I was your biggest fan, I just know I knew your songs even if I wasn’t aware of it. Only thing I ever knew about you was you did it your way; I’m learning to walk my walk. Music is a powerful thing. Still, it seems you were well aware of the greater evil lurking. It’s a shame violence chases men like you, like it does.

Finding the right time & place.

I’ve been trying to be patient with everything & everyone; from my job to my friends to my boyfriend, if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Over the years, tho, I feel like I’ve finally learned the trick: feel less. I’m not saying that will work for you 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I’ve definitely been known to put more work into a relationship than it deserves. I started to wonder if, maybe, my expectations for people were too high. 

When Goddesses Link Up: @FINDYOURIDNYC’s Art Showcase – @PYNKNYC #OnWednesdaysWeWearPYNK

PYNK Wednesdays at the VYNL is practically headquarters for leading women creatives in the tri-state area. The new event, hosted by FindYourIDNYC, highlights women & is open to all art forms , providing opportunities to showcase talents from poetry, singing and rapping to clothing design, modeling and entrepreneurship. This networking event is “the element” any driven and artistic woman wants and needs to be part of.

Reform to the #Protecta LifeAct Cuts Funding for #PlannedParenthood

With the recent reform to the 1970s Protect a Life Act, Planned parenthood can no longer provide nor refer patients for abortion services. While this is a huge win for conservatives concerned with monitoring & controlling the lives of others, this is a detriment to anyone looking for that kind of help. With this new legislation, we can ensure the poor keep getting poorer.

Politician – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | @Ocasio2018

Written by President ELLA

New York’s Representative Elect, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is something to be proud of. The Bronx native is an example of how far hard work can get you and how important it is to be smart. Her resume is incredibly admirable. The young scholar had an asteroid named after her, after winning second prize in her High School Science fair. Around the same time, she became involved in politics through high school extracurriculars. Through and after college (as detailed by Wiki, at least), this young woman is an inspiration to all young girls that your mind is your best asset, and you must continually put it to use.