When Goddesses Link Up: @FINDYOURIDNYC’s Art Showcase – @PYNKNYC #OnWednesdaysWeWearPYNK

PYNK Wednesdays at the VYNL is practically headquarters for leading women creatives in the tri-state area. The new event, hosted by FindYourIDNYC, highlights women & is open to all art forms , providing opportunities to showcase talents from poetry, singing and rapping to clothing design, modeling and entrepreneurship. This networking event is “the element” any driven and artistic woman wants and needs to be part of.

@FearlessWomen Mondays at @theatticnyc

Written by Ella

         The Fearless Radio team has a great Monday after work set up at The Attic and I’m definitely a fan after my first time. The day I joined was hosted by Sue, representing for the Fearless Women at Da Matrix Studio Network. The venue is on the rooftop on the corner of W48 & 8th. I had been there once before for a viewing and the place was as cute as I remember it. There is ample seating both indoor and outdoor and plenty of space to get your groove on.