Bronx Poetry Night with @SWBRadio

The Bronx hosts one of the REALEST open mics in NYC today. Each Wednesday at 10:02 Lounge on Tremont, Shay Marie G of SWB Radio invites artists to Bronx Poetry in to become a part of the vibe. The set up of professional yet casual; a place where you are forced to be yourself, and then rewarded for it accordingly.

How I Learned to Set Achievable Goals

“Ok. So I have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals,” she began and I truly felt warmed up inside (and it wasn’t the wine). While I listened to her explained how each daily goal amounted to what she would accomplish in the year, I couldn’t help but reconsidered my list; I want to read, pray and exercise more… but what does that mean on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly level?

Double-Edged Sword of Success

How long should you stay at your job? How long do you stay loyal? That opinion seems to shift through generations, industries, genders and location. As we hit milestones in our lives, it inevitable to start think “what’s next” before it actually gets here. But how do you know if the grass is greener on the other side? What are you really looking for? The money? The title? It’s funny how these can play into your professional and romantic life. What next? How do I know? I feel like I’m being forced to determine the rest of my life right now.

Making HERstory w/ @ArticulateNYC at @TheNest

Celebrated Black history month, appropriately by touching the mic for ArticulateNYC’s “HER”story open mic, which focused on celebrating women of color. I was more than honored to bring Tunisia on stage at The Nest with me, for the first song I’ve actually created with someone — and a woman at that! ArticulateNYC’s founder, Anya, is also a woman and that just made it all sweeter.

When Goddesses Link Up: @FINDYOURIDNYC’s Art Showcase – @PYNKNYC #OnWednesdaysWeWearPYNK

PYNK Wednesdays at the VYNL is practically headquarters for leading women creatives in the tri-state area. The new event, hosted by FindYourIDNYC, highlights women & is open to all art forms , providing opportunities to showcase talents from poetry, singing and rapping to clothing design, modeling and entrepreneurship. This networking event is “the element” any driven and artistic woman wants and needs to be part of.

Tuesday Nights in Harlem w/ @WordVomitPoets #EROTIX #OpenMic

You cannot deny the vibes at the Word Vomit Poets open mic. Each Tuesday, artists pile into Moca Lounge in Harlem and fill up the seating, bar stools and open mic list with an incredible amount of respect for the mic and each other.  The hosts keep a tight check on timing, ensuring that the show moves along and the crowd stays entertained. For the few patrons in the crowd who aren’t artists, there are participation games interspersed throughout the evening.

Filming for @BET’s #Punchlines

I headed out to Philly to joined the BET Digital team as they filmed BET PUNCHLINES to promote the CREED II movie. Standing in the crowd, in the back of the Title Boxing Club, it was inspiring (and entertaining AF) to watch these men go toe-to-toe for the crown of having “best punchline”. I was just happy to be in the room but out of the ring lol.

Open Mic Night with @Sound_Series and @Dinner_Land

Written by President ELLA

It’s been a while since I touched the mic, but The Sound Series gave me exactly what I needed. This Brooklyn open mic is both organized and dope. As advertised, sign ups are from 6-7 and go smoothly because you’re asked to show up with a hard drive & you only get 1 song.

Where do you find passion?

Written by President ELLA 

        “He’s a good look,” she explained. “You’d look so cute together and he could teach you so many things…” I guess I know I’m making the right moves in life when my potential other only fits the cut when he can teach me things. The even better part about the conversation was having it with someone who was taking me into consideration. “Inconsiderate” is what I started calling my ex far too often as I’ve begun to realize that the most beautiful blessings life gives you aren’t those which you are promised, but those which you have earned. So everything I do now is more natural than I’ve ever done it before… even writing this. Writing this is beneficial to me, even it nothing comes directly out of it. Sometimes, what you’re looking for in life is just a feeling: Passion. Sometimes you want to let go and not have to think about your next step — but that’s one of the most frightening notions in the world, to me. Still… the only way for love it exist if for us to believe in it. So when I have the chance to love, I do it with all my might. What is life without love? Love without passion.

#BALLIN4PEACE – Celebrity Charity Events

Written by @PresidentElla

The Annual BALLIN4PEACE basketball game is building itself to be something all New Yorkers, youth and experienced alike, look forward to as an opportunity to share positive vibes and give back to the community. In his anniversary of the event, the founder of the event, H2O, combined his passions as a coach, basketball player, Queens native and entrepreneur to create an event where the youth can participate in organized sports as well as perform their music, dance or… whatever  the desire is. 

Littered with celebrities, the game’s sells affordably priced tickets via plethora os sponsorships and has no trouble packing a gymnasium.  A variety of media outlets are present for the event  and the day begins with youth games and while celebrities are given interviews upon arrival. The mixture of people creates an atmosphere of excitement for the locals and provides and back-home feeling for New York based artists like Lil Mama and Mack Wilds  and (too many others to name but S/O  UNI G & Cartier who snapped a pic with me & always show me so much love) interact with their peers, as well as with young people who admire them. I always champion events like these where people get to be people and simply… hang out.