Quick Show Out in Atlanta, GA

Photo Nov 25, 1 35 54 PM.jpgPhoto Nov 25, 1 35 54 PM.jpg

Written by President Ella

I didn’t actually stay in Atlanta (my best friend resides in Marietta), but the time I spent was super relaxing and low key. I anticipated Atlanta to be a bit more hustle and bustle, but I suppose anything outside of New York City is “relaxing” to me now. The 13 hour drive from New York was definitely worth it to spend  Freinds-giving with my best friend (so that I could bring my dog along for the ride).  CJ moved to Atlanta and I’m about to move into his basement lol. He hosted me in his 2 floor-5 bedroom-3 car garage-plus an unfinished basement-full landscaped yard home. It’s been almost 7 years since we graduated from Loyola University and I’m blessed to be able to share in my peers’ successes.  It was invigorating and inspiring to celebrate his accomplishments. I know where he’s lived and what he’s been through and it was so meaningful to be able to truly say “thanks” with him, to him and for him.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from  Hop's ChickenBacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from  Hop's Chicken

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from Hop’s Chicken

My stay was perfect in it’s simplicity: I was there to see my friend, but I’m always working. I booked myself a lil show with The Bar Exam and that was a pretty dope experience which you can read about here. It’s always a blessing to touch a stage in a new place &, as a self-managed artist, every opportunity I come across feels like an incredible accomplishment. (If you want to know how the show went, just click here!) After following my rap star dreams, my best friend did the best friend thing and showed me what I needed to see.We drove around a bit to catch a glimpse of Martin Luther King Jr.’s home as well as The Real Houswives’ Chateau Sheree. We also drove to and from a variety of malls, stores, and coffee shops — all of which were either beautiful or brilliantly unique in personality. There were biscuits to satisfy any imagination, but you’ve got to act fast because they sell out at Hop’s!  

Overall, Atlanta (or Marietta) was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I got to spoil my dog with a bit of nature. Since we had no plans other than my show and the actual Thanksgiving meal, it was inevitably a chill time. The one thing I would not try to do is EVER leave without enough sleep again. The roads were really dark and poorly lit as I left Georgia and moved towards Tennessee and the Carolinas. I got pulled over (yup) and got a nice $200+ ticket. Additionally, after you pay that ticket, you have to pay the state of Georgia another $200 fine for speeding. After that, I made it a point to stop every few miles to nap or whatever I needed. Budget also gave me a really good rental price for the weekend and only charged me $10 for the extra day I kept the car! So… while I might be back to Atlanta asap, I ain’t tryina drive. lol. 


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