Quick Show Out in Atlanta, GA

Written by President Ella

My stay was perfect in its simplicity: I was there to see my friend, but I’m always working. I booked myself a lil show with The Bar Exam and that was a pretty dope experience which you can read about here. It’s always a blessing to touch a stage in a new place &, as a self-managed artist, every opportunity I come across feels like an incredible accomplishment. (If you want to know how the show went, just click here!) After following my rap star dreams, my best friend did the best friend thing and showed me what I needed to see.

Web & Graphic Designer: @DLINDZ

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Another day, another spotlight! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, dancer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info on how to be featured on The Spotlight! 

Today, we have business owner and graphic designer Duane Lindsey II! Duane owns his own production company DLINDZ Productions, which offers web and graphic design, video production, and photography! He got his start back in the Myspace days, loving the celebrity page designs on the social media site, and soon started learning how to do his own custom layouts. Once the designer had the Adobe Photoshop program down and was creating his own layouts, he started designing layouts for other people. Soon after his high school graduation in Akron, OH, Duane moved to Atlanta, GA, where he has resided for the last 9 years. “[I] felt that it was more opportunities to excel here in whatever I decided to do for a living,” he said of the move.

#NowListeningTo: “Away” by @TimothyJWMusic

Written by @BrittanyShawnté Got some new music for you to check out! Atlanta-based singer Timothy J. Wilson has released his latest track, “Away,” from his LOVESONGWRITER EP.  In addition to the incredible vocals, Timothy arranged the song, as well as played all instruments featured! On the track, he sings of wanting to take his love away for private momentsContinue reading “#NowListeningTo: “Away” by @TimothyJWMusic”