Pop/Alternative Singer: #SamanthaPaixao

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Happy to feature another great rising artist! If you or your client is an upcoming artist, designer, etc., and would like to be featured on The Spotlight, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info.

Today, we have pop/alternative singer Samantha Paixao!

Hailing from Toronto, the artist has been singing basically all of her life, stating that music has always helped to make her feel happy. “I thought that if there was a way I could create what made me happy, and help other people feel the same way, then I was going to try my hardest to make it happen,” Samantha said. Though she always wanted to pursue a career in music, the singer admitted that she can be shy around people. However, when she gets on stage, she’s like a whole other person!

Inspired by artists like Twenty One Pilots and Halsey, the singer pays close attention to different sounds, applying certain musical styles into her own music “as creatively as possible.” We hear that creativity and Samantha’s awesome vocals on her single, “The Way I Am,” which is all about self-acceptance and staying true to your values. “I’ve always been really self conscious about my body and the way I look, and how it looked different from women in the media,” she said of the inspiration behind the track. “One day I came to the realization that nobody looks the same and no two people look alike. I wanted to help other people get to that realization as well, so I wrote a song about it.” Samantha hopes to continue to push that message to others, and plans to create more music about self-love, which is definitely needed in today’s society. 

Currently, the singer is prepping to release a few new songs early this year, which will be featured on her upcoming EP. In the future, though, she would love to record a full album, and possibly tour, with dreams to play the Air Canada Centre in Toronto!

Her advice to rising musicians like herself? “Always strive to be the best you can be. Write songs that come from the heart, and write as much as possible,” Samantha recommended. “Don’t stop trying. Even if it seems like it’s going slowly, just keep going and keep doing your best.”

You can check out more from Samantha on her official website as well as SoundCloud. Looking forward to hearing more from her!

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