A Photoshoot with @wearthepaint

Written by @PresidentElla

      I had the loveliest time shooting with the JT Gaze wearing Wear The Paint  clothing. If you’ve learned anything about me yet, you know that I really just do whatever I want, so long as it makes me smile — a photo shoot on Governor’s Island felt perfect. Simple days teach me the most. I do just what I wanna do because I find lessons in my every activity. I like to throw myself into the world to experience people, places, and anything else the world wants to show me. When I go to these photo shoots, people like to ask “how long” I’ve been modeling, but the real ting I focus on is why: I meet some of the most beautiful people – inside and out. I’m not a great model by any means, but I kow that Jay likes to invite me along for two reasons — I do what I can, and I bring positive energy. From a selfish perspective that benefits everyone else — it gives me great photos (that aren’t selfies) to share with you all 😉 

      As usual, Jay directed the shoot as we walked along and waited for direction on his vision. Group shoots are fairly difficult due to managing personalities and time. It works for me because modeling isn’t my dream. There are times I feel like I’m taking up someone spot… but it’s modeling, and spots only get taken as easily as you let them go. As we starting shooting, a 7-year-old girl walked onto our shoot and sent some time chatting with all of us. Apparently, she’s been a model before — she just doesn’t like when the hair stylists pull her hair. It wasn’t just that she was away from her parents that made me think she was grown, but her insight about how modeling is “hard because, you know, people like… judge you.” I told her that the best part about a model is always her attitude. I told her the stylists will take it easier on her hair if the see how nice she is. I know the latter was a stretch, but I truly do believe that attitudes pull together the whole vibe. In an industry focused on physical appearance… there’s always a chance that a prettier girl will come along. I think that was determines how far you make it in life (as a woman) is how much you let that “prettier” woman affect your attitude. Our energy, in my opinion, determines the outcome of every day. 

  The way you handle your current business determines your future business. I’ve shot with Jay plenty of times. and I’ve experienced him running to issue with models complaining, people asking for more  money, people just not showing up and people attacking him when their photos don’t come out 100%. But… as a model, those are all things you have to learn to deal with. A designer might not show up. Models might not show up and you have to hold the shoot on your own. OR too many models will show up and you might not get a lot of shots or the best clothing. Someone might be better than you and take up most of the shoot time, and that is all valid. What you can’t  do is be upset over it. The crew at this shoot was amazing. We even had a wine toast and sang happy birthday to Asia when we wrapped. It was an amazing vibe. Victoria Wong, the designer of Wear The Paint was a sweetheart. She styled and outfitted us and called herself being a hairstylist for a minute as well.  She went out of her way to get us a make-up artist, Chantal,  who was also a doll, until we found she was asking for more money after the shoot. smh. I had a great time getting my face done by her… but when someone’s personality comes to light… it really puts a damper on your respect for them as a person. 

Below are some shots Jay has shared, but only ones that feature myself, I think that’s all my rights allows. 

The other models (as I find their pages) are as follow: 

Ladies: Alexandra JordanRenita Cotton , Asia Ali, Katrina Caro

Gentlemen: AB Barras, Franklin Abreu, Luis Lopes, Mark Delorean


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