A Photoshoot with @wearthepaint

Written by @PresidentElla

      I had the loveliest time shooting with the JT Gaze wearing Wear The Paint  clothing. If you’ve learned anything about me yet, you know that I really just do whatever I want, so long as it makes me smile — a photo shoot on Governor’s Island felt perfect. Simple days teach me the most. I do just what I wanna do because I find lessons in my every activity. I like to throw myself into the world to experience people, places, and anything else the world wants to show me. When I go to these photo shoots, people like to ask “how long” I’ve been modeling, but the real ting I focus on is why: I meet some of the most beautiful people – inside and out. I’m not a great model by any means, but I kow that Jay likes to invite me along for two reasons — I do what I can, and I bring positive energy. From a selfish perspective that benefits everyone else — it gives me great photos (that aren’t selfies) to share with you all 😉