What’s your dream?


Ideally, I would like to start my days by moving when I want to move. Unfortunately for my boss, I do that now. I still do everything I need to so – sometimes more – but I hate to be so easily accessible to people. The more you do to prove your worth, without expecting anything in return, the more they get used to it. They think they’ve earned it. I want to find a way to make each of my actions profitable. Sounds far-fetched? Entitled, maybe? Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 23. I just feel like thinking any other way will cost me and… I have bills,  I know you know. I suppose I’ll always have bills and hopefully more bills (because I need a bigger place) but I want to make enough to make my bills go away then combat my greed and help the needy. 

A Photoshoot with @wearthepaint

Written by @PresidentElla

      I had the loveliest time shooting with the JT Gaze wearing Wear The Paint  clothing. If you’ve learned anything about me yet, you know that I really just do whatever I want, so long as it makes me smile — a photo shoot on Governor’s Island felt perfect. Simple days teach me the most. I do just what I wanna do because I find lessons in my every activity. I like to throw myself into the world to experience people, places, and anything else the world wants to show me. When I go to these photo shoots, people like to ask “how long” I’ve been modeling, but the real ting I focus on is why: I meet some of the most beautiful people – inside and out. I’m not a great model by any means, but I kow that Jay likes to invite me along for two reasons — I do what I can, and I bring positive energy. From a selfish perspective that benefits everyone else — it gives me great photos (that aren’t selfies) to share with you all 😉