Singer/Songwriter: Celleste


By Brittany Shawnté

Another spotlight for you all! Music keeps coming in, and I’m loving it! As always, if you are or you represent an upcoming musician, singer, rapper, designer, poet, etc., please feel free to email me for a feature on the blog!  

Today, we have Canadian singer-songwriter Celleste! The singer, the youngest of four, grew up in a musical household. Her own dad was a musician, and that opened her ears to a lot of great music! “My brother introduced me to classic rock, my sisters helped me discover bubblegum pop, and my dad had me listening to country music. Quite the mix!” Celleste said. She’s a big fan of Led Zeppelin, but also pop stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Justin Timberlake. The 30s and 40s eras of music are seeming to pop up more in her music these days, she stated. “I’ve always loved the feeling I get when I listen to singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee,” Celleste said. “So even though I’m writing pop-rock, those flavors seem to be showing up more and more.” Definitely an eclectic taste!

Originally from Montreal, the artist admitted that it wasn’t her own music scene that had an impact on her sound. Even in her own city, she felt a bit like a “fish out of water.” “Somehow I found myself ‘California dreaming’ at the age of 5,” Celleste said, reminiscing about her love of American culture. “I knew there was something else out there for me, and I was determined to find it.”

Celleste got her official start in music 10 years ago, after auditioning for a production show in her city, which was set to tour in the States as well. She saw the show as a major opportunity for her, and got the job! Her goal was to get as much stage experience as she could, and that’s exactly what she did. “For three years, I was on tour performing 5 to 9 shows a week,” she said. “When there was time off, I worked on other musical projects, and with other bands.” Talk about ambition! Through that show, she met her future producer/co-writer and business partner. After the show, she began working on her first album, Ready To Fly in 2010, which was followed by her second album Join The Infestation in 2012.

Her latest project, Deconstructing the Infestation, is an EP that features songs from Join The Infestation, but remastered into an acoustic format. “Originally we had wanted Join The Infestation to be a double album, one acoustic and the other electric,” Celleste said. “Because of time constraints, we were forced to hold off on the acoustic material. It was great to complete the entire vision.”

Co-writer and producer Eric Dick worked with Celleste on the EP, which was released in November, along with Steve Bucci on drums and percussion, Bobby Stagg on piano and bass, and Hubert Maeux on guitar for track “Sick and Tired.”Celleste stated that the EP gave her a chance to sing in a different way than usual. “The idea was to really explore the melodies, play with the keys, and have fun with harmonies,” Celleste said of the experimental style. “Slowing down some tempos also gave me a chance to sink into the tunes in a way that you can’t when they’re faster.” She also wanted to take her music back to the basics, jamming on the guitar on the couch, creating raw music, not just music produced in a rock context. The results are absolutely incredible! Two of her favorite tracks included “Sick and Tired,” as well as “Bitter Pill, which has amazing riffs that add to “The Addams Family feel of the murder theme.”(You have to listen to understand what she means *smiles*) You can snag your own copy on iTunes now!

Currently, Celleste is co-owner of her own music label, Mighty Music, working on developing the company and building her own portfolio as an artist. She’s also involved in a lot of the creative side of the label, shooting and editing videos, graphic design, photography, and more! However, this year, she really wants to focus on live performing, hitting the stage as much as she can. “We’ve already got some dates and great showcasing opportunities on the calendar,” Celleste said. “So my band and I are really looking forward to getting out and playing for people.”

Something that she feels sets her apart from the pack, is that she’s really involved with every aspect of her career, something that not a lot of artists these days can say. Her work on her label is intense, from designing a CD booklet layout, writing and recording in the studio, shooting photos, and the like, plus rehearsing, performing, dancing, and acting! That’s a lot on her plate! “I don’t know too many artists who get to oversee their entire career to that extent,” she admitted. “It’s a very creative lifestyle, and extremely fulfilling.”

In terms of where she would like to be in the future in terms of her career, her answer is simple. “On top of the world,” Celleste smiled. She has two sides to her music: the Gwen Stefani pop side, and the Steven Tyler rock side. “As I keep writing songs, the goal is to bridge the gap between the two, and find that perfect balance where edgy rock can live alongside melodic and fun pop,” the singer said. “I feel like it’s getting much closer, and I’m already excited about the ideas we have for the next album!”

Seriously, the girl is amazing! Her voice is filled with emotion and passion, and her music will rock you in a major way! You can check out more from Celleste on her official website, as well as connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

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