Venus in Retrograde


Written by President ELLA

Every 18 months, Venus literally moves backwards in its rotation for 42 days. During this time, all the energies this planet rules (beauty, luxury, money, personal relationships) will also seem to be moving the wrong direction.

This is a time when our relationships are truly tested; secrets are uncovered, the past comes back and just simply can’t seem to communicate. Everything will push your buttons and you may even push a few, yourself. During these moments are when bonds are tested to see if they can withstand the strain. You’ll learn how to deal with people (or yourself) at the very worst moments. You may have to address issues you don’t really want to, ogre-address some shit from the past you wish would have never happened. This is when ex’s start sending you “hey” messages whether you’re into them or not. Relationships that make it through as said to have stood the “test of time”.

This is also the time when you might be able to uncover and see all the bullshit you’ve been ignoring (consciously or unconsciously). This period in life forces you see things for what they really are and confirm whether or not you can handle that. Is that what you really want? Venus also affects our personal style and how/where we find value in ourselves. When in retrograde, it’s likely you may find yourself feel a bit insecure or self-conscious. Because of this, it might be an easier time to find release in art or a form of personal expression.

It’s recommended you hold off on making any major decisions while Venus is in retrograde.

In 2018, Venus is in Retrograde from October 5 -November 16. The first half (October 5-31) are spent in Scorpio, and your sexual intimacy and feelings of “power” may be out of whack. During the second half of the retrograde (November 1-16) we move into Libra where our feelings of relationships and commitment are tested.

Hope that helps answer some questions!

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