Delightful Dinner @PortoSalvoBronx


Written by President ELLA

Finally got my pasta at Porto Salvo! After a long night out, my cousin and I tried out the new brunch spot right dow the street from me and it was everything I was hoping for; a tasty, filling and enjoyable meal.

This restaurant serves homemade pasta and many other Italian dishes. While I was obviously there for anything with shrimp and a cream sauce, the most bizarre thing I look forward to is bread at the table. We were starving! The calamari appetizer was delicious because it also had vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower and zucchini. For those of us who are grossed out but the mini octopi, the veggies are a much less stomach-turning option.

For main dishes, I had a shrimp scampi 🙂 My cousin had a salmon dish with a bunch of vegetables. The entire meal was drink was reasonably priced & the drinks were so tasty! To top it off, the staff was super nice and attentive and we all know that makes all the difference. There is indoor and outdoor seating, so you can really have it all here. Keeping with the Italian theme, the most important part of the meal (in my opinion) should be to relax and enjoy yourself; Porto Salvo in incredibly enjoyable. I’ll be making my way back over often 🙂

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