Stand Your Ground… to Die.


Written by PresidentElla

In the news: Markeis McGlockton was shot dead over a parking space outside of a food mart — he was a 28-year-old father of three, who was standing up for his lady. It’s some bullshit. That’s the the only phrase that accurately describes how I feel every time another black man is gunned down. What else is there to say? That something is going to change? That I have an answer? I’m too scared to be angry. First, I have to get over the fright of having a son and watching him walk out of my front door. For now, I avoid it… like most of us do. Hidden in the back pages of the New York Times, the story reveals that a bit of light has the chance of shining through because a black man finally backed down. By taking a few steps back in the footage, Markeis might have lost his life but has a fighting chance for a wining the case.

In my opinion: I try to refrain from commenting on racial, political occurrences because I don’t have an answer. The only thing I can come up with is: They’re scared. The only reason this happens is the police officer or vigilante feels like they are in so much danger, they should shoot.

Are school shooters scared, too? Terrorists? As confident as they are in they’re mission, are they scared of what they think will happen ( or continue to happen) if they don’t do it? I don’t mean to justify, I mean to share my pity. It makes me pity humanity that we are so scared of and hurt by one another that we take up arms against each other… over a thing as small as a parking spot. I’m not trying to condone violence, but happen to a gold ol’ fist fight? I‘d champion the ideal and ask, “Can’t we all just get along?” but it’s as played out as “played out”. Instead, I‘ll recommend we find a better way to deal with our differences. But how do you teach a man not to fear his neighbor? Not to attack his neighbor? What is the cure to cowardice?

– Ella

& these are just my thoughts… just what I was feeling at the time, 


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