Fun Rooftop Dining @MagicHourNYC


Written by President ELLA

On my crusade to conquer all rooftops in New York City, I finally made it to MagicHour 🙂 Decorated with pretty pink sculptures in enticing poses, the faux garden atop the city provides a perfect, fun escape from the city complete with great music, strong drinks, plenty food choices and ample Instagram-able opportunities of the city view and of the moving carousel dining table. 

This place is a great bang for your buck; the food and drinks are a great price for the portion and taste. The $19 party pack drink will do it’s job and last you a while. Off the menu, we had the 2 sliders ($19, two of them which were a good size & tasty), the Korean chicken wings ($13, sticky & sweet) and an extra order of fries ($8, served hot, fresh and crunchy!).

The size of the spot makes it great for a party as well, as the location features two separate areas for you to move around, mingle and get your dance on. While we didn’t buy a table, the package is a pretty good price for a party; for a price (starting at about $350, you may want to negotiate with them lol) you can reserve a table & use the total amount towards food and/or drinks — pretty good deal if you split it amongst enough girlfriends 😉


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