Stand Your Ground… to Die.

Written by PresidentElla

Markeis McGlockton was shot dead over a parking space at the age of 28. It’s some bullshit. That’s the the only phrase that accurately describes how I feel every time another black man is gunned down. What else is there to say? That something is going to change? That I have an answer? I’m too scared to be angry. First, I have to get over the fright of having a son and watching him walk out of my front door. For now, I avoid it… like most of us do.

Producer, Jamon @True_beatz Turner

by Brittany Shawnté

Today, we have producer Jamon “Truebeatz” Turner! Raised in Cincinnati and then Alabama, Truebeatz has been around music all of his life. In the mid to late 80s, as a young kid, he listened to songs like “Self Destruction” from the Stop the Violence Movement featuring East Coast rappers and “We’re All in the Same Gang” by the West Coast Rap All-Stars, and became even more passionate about music and listened to and studied some of the greats. “When Bobby Brown came out with that “Don’t Be Cruel,” I used to beat that beat on lunchroom tables or the walls at home,” Truebeatz stated. “Right then and there, I knew I wanted to make music.”