The Celestine Prophecy by #JamesRedfield


Somewhere in Peru, there is a mysterious book which is full of passages which tell the secrets to a new, enlightened lifestyle —and the entire Peruvian government is trying to destroy it. Brought on by a feeling of restlessness and a series of coincidences, our main character ends up in Peru, having mystical experiences and running from the law. This book tells the tale of this mysterious manuscript and the nine insights it shares into the progression of the human race.

Right from the start, this is a great read because it puts you in the main characters POV and fills you with the same curiosity he has & makes you want to keep reading in order to learn each of the insights. As we follow along his journey through Peru, the insights are discovered/revealed one by one. Luckily for us, we get to experience the spiritual awakening along with the main character.

Each insight explains, expands and builds on the ideas shared in the previous. Focusing on the evolution of humanity, energy and relationships, the encounters train us in the insights & eventually help us reveal who we are personally, and what humans we are/can be as a species. This book ultimately (bravely) tries to explain the purpose & function of human existence — and what happened to the ancient Mayan civilization which disappeared centuries ago.

Below are my interpretations of the nine insights. If you haven’t read the book before, I recommend reading the first insight but don’t spoil the rest for yourself. Once you’ve read the book, I would LOVE to hear your interpretations/thoughts on the insights and/or the prophecy overall.


1) Coincidences – All the actions and encounters in our life are meant to be and for a purpose. If you pay close enough attention, you will begin to notice the coincidences and learn to make the most of the opportunities, people & experiences you encounter. This is the first step to taking control of our lives.

2) Historical Perspective – Understanding of where you fall in history (of all the efforts and actions that have taken place before this generation came along) helps foster respect and admiration for our world as it stands, and where it is destined to go. To understand the shift in culture, society and interaction with the universe is to understand where we came from & truly count yourself as part of the human race.

3) Energy from People – Humans take/need energy from other people in order to feel good. The power struggles we experience are the result of people trying to control the energy of others in order to make themselves feel stronger. When people take control of our lives/energy/happiness, we feel weak and depleted. Most of the issues in the world can be traced back to a power struggle between people/governments/etc. People try to control and manipulate others (most time unconsciously) in order to fill up of energy and feel like they are on top. Sometimes, we look to others to make us feel good when we are sad, but that requires someone to give us energy. This can become an issue if one person is giving ll their energy and not getting any in return.

4) Energy from the Universe – The greatest source of energy comes fro the universe. The Earth itself and the cosmos can give off energy if you learn to apply the previous insights and selflessly admire the earth. We, humans are only an extension of the Earth, and if we submit ourselves back to her with appreciation, it will fill you with energy that feels like a mystical experience. This is the feeling of being “at one” and completely at peace with the world. In order to fill up of this energy, one must learn to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. By appreciating nature (expcially forests) in its natural glory, you fill it with energy f appreciate and it reciprocates the same. While people are our first source of energy, the universe is a boundless, necessary source.

5) Energy vs Love – Only in truly loving and appreciating something can you exchange energy in a positive fashion. With positive love, it is possible to give your energy to another object/person in need. When we fall in love, we uncouncisouly pour love into the other person. Our childhood relationship with our parents define the way we try to find and give energy. These negative experiences, called “dramas”, are the root of how we take/give energy is based on how we were raised. Our parents personalities help shape ours as we learn to engage in (or cope with) our very first relationships. Learning our own dramas is important for our growth and learning how to deal with others.

  • Intimidator – Aggressive. Uses force to make people feel scared or bad. Make people stressed out or confused in order to be in control of the situation.

    • Intimidator parents create “Poor Me’s” or “Aloof” people who act like the victim or try to avoid confrontation. They can also create other intimdators who are sick of bing bullied and fight back.

  • Interrogator – Ask questions or pry until they find a flaw, don’t trust or believe you. Fills people with doubt to make their position feel a bit higher than whoever they are interrogating.

    • Interrogator parents create aloof people — people who try to avoid interrogation — or intimidators, people who fight back when feeling judged.

  • Aloof – Act like they don’t know what is going on in order to avoid confrontation or judgment.

    • Aloof parents can make people feel left out or like they can’t get through to you. These create interrgoators who need to ask questions in order to connect or intimidators who want to force communication.

  • Poor me – insists nothing is their fault and as if they have no control over the situation.

    • “Poor Me” parents can create more “Poor Me’s” or interrogators who try to find out what is wrong with them. They can also create intimidators who are upset at feeling like their parent has no control.,

6) Will the positive. Take the observer position. By paying learning and abiding by the first 5 insights, you can see and act on the opportunities that arise. If you pay close attention, you will be able to see what your next step in your path should be by paying attention to where/how the energy is. Objects/messages and things of importance will stand out to you if that’s the path for you — you will be more attached to and spiritually connected to the opbects and paths you choose. Your dreams, thoughts & daydreams hold this same power as they are actually messages. If you learn to halt bad thoughts immediately & will positive energy, eventually, you’ll only will positive. Negative thoughts will be warnings & most throughts/dreams will be premonitions helping guide or during your next step. Win order to will positive experiences/evolution, you need to ask questions of every thought & experience. If you have a thought, you question the thought — learning why you are thinking or feeling some way will get you closer to the answer.

8) Interpersonal ethic – How we interact w others to share the messages of the insights is key. Because we are sharing energy, we must be incredibly careful at how we interact. One must be open to communication as everyone is put into your path for a reason — there are no coincidences! You must be willing to receive he messages people have for you. Getting energy from one person can be dangerous — Addiction to another person can stop your growth if you are only getting energy from them and/or you are only giving your energy to them. You need make sure you are getting your energy from more than one source (prefereably the universe). & Don’t feed into drama! In order to break past someone else’s drama, you need to name the drama — for example, ask an intimidator the they are so angry. Be above the drama! We need to give unconditional energy to children to avoid childhood dramas. To best do this, there should be 1 adult for every child in order to make sure each child can get the appropriate amount of energy. We should answer children’s questions truthfully & address them directly (instead of talking about them like theyre not in the room). Children need energy from adults, not other children.

9) The next millennium – Hopefully, enlightened generations will continue to slow down as they become more alert & more aware. These generations will learn to save forests & tend gardens in order to save these safe spaces of natural energy. We will voluntarily cut down the population by only having a many children as we can actually decimate our energy to. The human sense of purpose satisfied by being an active participant in our destiny unfolding. We will learn to vibrate higher and become lighter by having no fear, more confidence. Our vibration will be so high, that we will literally vibrate at a different rate the other humans and literally reach another dimension of living. Ultimately, this will be heavan on earth.

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