The “Try-Me: Face Primer Mini Set” by @Smashbox


I am far from a make up pro, so I’ve been learning about tricks and tools on the way. For a long time, I considered makeup unnecessary, and even when I started trying to wear it, it just became confusing and difficult. What products should I use and how should I use them? Why doesn’t make make up look or last as long as other women? I decided to go back to the very basic: Primers and setting spray. Smashbox has the perfect set at Sephora for you to try our a few.


While I was in Costa Rica with my homegirls, I sweated my entire face off while some of the other girls looks like they weren’t phased at all by the 11 zip lines we had just ridden through the jungle. “How do you keep you face like that?” we all started to ask, as we had gotten comfortable enough to risk our lives, so spring make up tips seemed like nothing at this point. “Setting spray,” she replied with a soft shrug 🤷🏽 and that’s where I started my search.

Of the Sephora set, I’ve used the setting spray most. I have to be honest and say I forget to out on the primer and usually think of it as I’m putting powder on my face. After using the primers, I did notice that it basically created a thin, matte layer on my face for the make up to sit better on. Because these bottles are small, and I don’t wear much makeup, I use it sparingly or for days when I really want my face to hold. I prefer the photofinisher over he rest because it truly feels the most matte. The setting spray is pretty amazing — it truly does hold you make up on longer. I did notice that my overall looks was better when I used both a primer and a setting spray, but a setting spray will do. If I were going to get ONE thing from this set, it would definitely be the setting spray. Honestly, I still haven’t figured out how much to put on my face, so I give about 3-4 sprays & let a mist sit on my face to dry.

This is the perfect set for testing or traveling. If you don’t want to spend all your money on full size bottles, this is a perfect set because you get 4 items for only $29 (each product is about $15 each if purchased separately). After you’ve tried them, you can go back and get the full size. OR you can just cop another mini set and keep these in your bag.

What primers/setting sprays do you use? Have you tried Smashbox? Is there a better product or some new techniquesI should try? Leave me some tips below, please!!!!!!

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