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I must say, I love the variety walking down the runway this season. The trends we’ll see pushed for Fall of 2019 appropriately illustrate how women have stumbled upon a reserve power and refused to be placed into any box. This season, most designer gave us as much neutral or white as they did vibrant. The clothing is both structure and feminine, embodying everything a women could possibly be. Check out a few of my favorite looks/trends to walk the Fall 2019 runway. & please leave comments below of your favorite looks, trends or shows!

NEUTRALIZED: Beiges and Whites

I love the simplicity of this trend because it forces the beauty to lie deeper than in the first glance. The construction of these clothing has to be that much more interesting. There is wonderful construction in these pieces, as well as amazing use of trimmings (feathers, furs and jewels) to add depth to these all-white or all-beige outfits. I also love the transition into or mixing with burnt orange.

SEXY SUITING – Glam, Tailored Outfits

I love a sexy suit!!! I don’t wear them often enough because I feel quire constrained in the outfits I currently have, but these executions have given me inspiration as to how to freshen up suiting pieces. You can through on a sexy or feminine shirt with your blazer to give a bit of personality. I also enjoy these deep V-cuts, which I sure would transition better at happy hour.


Seems like the chose colors for an added “pop” this fall will be greens and yellows. Both colors were executed in a variety of hues and intensities, showing up that they have much, much more to offer.


Every once in a while, a designer would threw a brilliant blue outfit down the runway. The blues used were both brilliant and bold. Although there were some navy blues, I like a blue that is a true blue, but is dark enough to be paired with another blue, or another color.


I’m always on the look out for a jumpsuit because I love the idea of a one-piece outfit. Here are a few executions I caught.


Even the softest pinks that touched the runway this season were incredibly bold. Some designers created full looks with outfits in pink from head to toe. Most designers mixed in pink somehow, my favorite being the ability to pair pink and red; this is always so hard for me!!! The combination is incredibly bold and I haven’t tried it yet — this is definitely inspiring tho!


There were a lot of solid color pieces walking down the runway this season, but the few multicolor pieces I saw were absolutely fabulous. Most of the designs felt like renditions of rainbows 🙂

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