Why I Started Making my Own Legging Sets

This pink set was the first legging set I made, using the same fabric I used in the Pretty in Pink Pencil Skirt set. The idea was to be able to wear the long sleeve top with the pencil skirt, or the tank with the leggings. I think the slight shimmer of the fabric allows it to transition well into a more “dressed up” look once paired with accessories or the right shoes. I definitely don’t work out in this stuff, but I suppose I could 🤷🏽‍♀️ The patterns are based on my favorite pieces of workout clothing. I love the fit of Victoria Secret’s high-waisted leggings but was tired of paying $75 for each pair. I also have an Under Armour compression top I love so the cuts in the top are constructed to provide a tight fit.

In Your Green Dreams: Dress by @solacelondon, Fur by @Unreal_Fur

Fur is all the rage this season, even & especially faux fur. If you can afford it, you’ll soon realize that real fur is the warmest thing on earth. If you’re more of a “faux fur” fan, brands like Unreal Fur are providing even more options this season as designers have begun releasing furs in every color imaginable. & don’t worry, they’re definitely super warm 😉

Leopard Print Jacket 🐆 by @KendallandKylie

This coat is so much better than I thought it would be — not only is it warm, but I get tons of compliments. The pattern is pretty legit & it doesn’t look as faux as it is. I love how faint & cute this coat is; it goes perfectly with pants or bottoms you want to show off. I might need to try this with a long skirt 🧐

Costume Designer: Ruth Carter

There is a huge part of me that’s embarrassed to admit that I just found out who Ruth Carter is — one of the best costume designers on Earth. Having started out Spike Lee in his first film (School Daze, 1988) and over 10 more, including Malcom X (1992). , this woman has been a trailblazer in her field and an absolute advocate for Black culture — but really any culture. Ruth has been hired for over 40 films by the likes of Steven Spielberg for Amistad (1997), by Ava DuVerney for Selma (2014) and Ryan Coogler for Black Panther (2018). Ruth is the first person called when it comes to films that are supposed to be authentic, historically heavy and (more often than not), culturally significant.

Asymmetrical Denim Skirt by @ToryBurch

The first thing I notice about denim is always the color — how deep is the blue? I rarely gravitate towards dark denim unless it’s cold out. I loved the way the yellow stitching popped out and gave the skirt character. The length was absolutely perfect for work and happy hour. It was long enough to keep me warm during the day — and cover me while I rode my Citibike to work.

Leather in the Summer

No matter what Oprah says, I wear white in the winter and leather in the summer. All it takes is styling your items so that they are more seasonally appropriate. As a [new] New Yorker black clothing dominates most os my wardrobe. I actually have an entire closet dedicated just to my black clothes. When I purchase black items, I try to find something different — length of dress or sleeves, cool construction or different fabrics/textures. Leather (similar to wool, velour and lace) are difficult to transition from winter to fall, unless you pair them with something else. My outfit above and below isn’t special, just speaks to the fact that a sleeveless dress (no matter the fabric) can be work year-round. I particularly like to wear heavier fabrics to the office because the air conditioning is on full blast anyway! Not to mention, most restaurants are cold once you get inside!

Pretty in Pink

I like to wear clothes that can pair well with whatever else I have in my closet. I made this a two-piece so that I can interchange the top and skirt with other items already in my closet. I plan to make this in other color ways, so that I can mix & match 🙂  I started with solid colors, so that mixing would be easier, but I can’t wait to try out other fabrics!!

A Nude Affair

I love the use of cremes and off-whites as the weather breaks. Instead of coming though blinding in all white, tans and similar colors let you move around a bit easier since you don’t have to worry about wiping you eyes and smudging makeup on your clothes all day 🙄 I like to mix whites, tans and nudes to give a bit of depth; texture helps with this as well – I love this t-shirt because it’s super comfortable, but looks a little bit fancy. 💁🏽

Interview Outfit: Leather, Fishnets & Florals

I wore this sassy outfit to my interview with a fashion company — I’m a fashion, marketing project manager working in fashion is great for allowing you to dress with personality. The company’s customer is a metropolitan, fun woman so, thats exactly what I decided to be. While I wanted to look prim and pressed, I also wanted to show my personality. The only thing I felt was “necessary” was a knee length dress — in order to look most professional. The rest of the outfit was up to me and I needed to say everything I wanted them to see – polished, professional and passionate.