Dropped in for Brunch @CheekysPS


Written by @PresidentELLA

This is one of those meals that either inspires to be a blogger or reminds you that you are one.  The light, tasty meals at Cheeky’s were a perfect starter for Day 2 of Coachella. 

After a shorter than expected wait, we were seated in the cute outdoor area. The food came pretty quickly. We’d eaten half of the chicken & waffles before I remembered to take the picture. Both the waffle and the chicken were crispy and flavorful. The glazed donut sandwich was perfect; the salty bacon and semi-tart egg yolk (for the yolk lovers out there) over fresh watercress and in between a sweet glazed donut makes me drool just reminiscing. We definitely wished there was more of both but we had to rush out to the festival. I mean… I could go for another sandwich right now lol. 


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