SightSeeing in an @Elliatt Jumpsuit


Written by PresidentELLA

This jumpsuit was the most comfortable thing I packed for my trip to Cali. The Melody jumpsuit by Elliatt is fitted up top with a flare and makes you feel dainty. The wide legs give you all the extra room you need. At 5’2, the pant legs dragged a bit under my Converse sneakers, but it would have been perfect with a pair of high heels. Paired with my handy hat from Target Since I was strolling around the city and country, I took this outfit for a spin on exactly how I wanna wear it.

On our last day in LA, we found our way to the LACMA and then to a scenic mountain overlook to take pictures. The jumpsuit is available directly from Elliatt in white, but I really enjoyed this tan version from Rent the Runway. I’m big on being able to live my life without worry what I spill on myself or where I sit, so while I LOVE white clothing, this really withstood the test as we walked up the mountainside. Not only that, but the Rent the Runway price is always right.  

$199.95 via  Elliat Collective  $199.95 via  Elliat Collective  

$199.95 via Elliat Collective 

 Get $30 off your unlimited rentals on Rent the Runway

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