Pop Singer: Suzy Olson/@suzyq1928

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Written by Brittany Shawnté

Meet rising pop singer, Suzy Olson!

The 16-year-old from Arizona got her start in music by singing in church, alongside her four brothers. Her parents sang each week as well, and her older brothers played instruments, so she comes from a pretty talented family! Her mom was also a music teacher, and the artist began singing with her choir at the age of three. Suzy knew that performing was for her after her mom didn’t cast her in a lead role for a production when she was five. Undeterred, the young artist keeps working towards honing her craft. She’s also involved in shows at East Valley Children’s Theatre in Mesa, AZ, as well as her school productions and competitions at New School for the Arts and Academics.

Though Suzy’s proud to have been able to sing alongside her family, she admitted she wanted to branch out. “I also wanted my own sound and style,” Suzy revealed. “Luckily my family, friends and life have provided lots of material that’s found its way into my music.” Inspired by Taylor Swift’s personality, music, and work ethic, Suzy is working on building her own career, and is well on her way!

The artist recently released her song “Weird,” which is reflective of her own life. “Ever since sixth grade, I was the “weird, crazy” girl,” Suzy said.  “My personality and appearance don’t seem to match. It’s like people are expecting someone else to show up when they meet me. So, in that way, I’m weird.” Suzy worked on the song with songwriter Brianna Angarole, who Suzy said “totally gets me.”  The track is definitely all about owning who you are and being yourself in spite of what others have to say.

Though the singer is busy balancing school with upcoming productions like Crucible and a 12-minute cutting of Hairspray, Suzy still takes time to write in a journal every day “to keep my thoughts going, or to grab ideas that might float through my mind.” So new music may just be on the horizon for the up and coming singer!

In terms of what separates her from other artists out right now, Suzy believes it’s her outgoing spirit, and the fact that she’s not afraid to meet new people or try new things. She loves performing, but also loves learning from others, and strives to do her best in her craft. “I want to spend my life doing this work,” the singer admitted.

You can check out more from Suzy on YouTube, and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!


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