Decode your Craving

By Pamela Fung

We all have cravings. Some for chocolate, other sugary foods, bread and pasta , oily foods and others for salty foods.

Unfortunately the word “craving” has become a bad scary word/ feeling. The feeling that we may eat something bad, ruin our diets or nutritional lifestyle, or the feeling that we may binge when we do eat what we craved.

The worst part is to deprive yourself of foods you’re craving because of the possibility of uncontrollably binging when you finally do. Also when you are craving your body is telling you it needs something. It may need sugar just not in the form of a donut but you can find natural sugars in fruits.

I found a list of foods with your craving, describing what your body is TELLING  you it needs and what you should it instead.

Listen to your body and don’t be afraid of your craving.

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