Insecure S3:E4 (RECAP)

Written by President ELLA

I’m more proud of Issa every episode. Maybe she sense my disappointment. (lol). At the end of last season, she turns down Daniel’s attempt to reinitiate their relationship [in bed]. In this episode, we start at another shut down; Danial shows up with a box of her things and she could  invite him in, but she doesn’t. It’s probably because Molly is also on the way, but that just shows that Issa is consciously choosing “other”. In sum, this is the episode of Issa choosing a better life, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

Catch up on @WestworldHBO

Written by PresidentELLA

I’ve recently gotten addicted to watching addictions on Westworld. In this show, visitors to Westworld get to be as bad as they wanna be. The inhabitants of Westworld are built to resemble and act like humans but they’re starting to act a bit too human. As we watch, we get insight into a bunch of different levels of relationships; we get to know exactly who everyone is — even if they don’t know themselves. 

Survivor’s Remose on STARZ

Written by PresidentELLA

I’ve been recently obsessed with Survivor’s Remorse. The series on STARZ details the life os a newly famous basketball player from Dorchestor, Mass. as he and his family adjust to stardom in Atlanta, Georgia. The comedic drama has a variety of star appearances like Lebron James as well as some serious cast members like Tichina Arnold and Mike Epps.