Asymmetrical Denim Skirt by @ToryBurch

The first thing I notice about denim is always the color — how deep is the blue? I rarely gravitate towards dark denim unless it’s cold out. I loved the way the yellow stitching popped out and gave the skirt character. The length was absolutely perfect for work and happy hour. It was long enough to keep me warm during the day — and cover me while I rode my Citibike to work.

A Nude Affair

I love the use of cremes and off-whites as the weather breaks. Instead of coming though blinding in all white, tans and similar colors let you move around a bit easier since you don’t have to worry about wiping you eyes and smudging makeup on your clothes all day 🙄 I like to mix whites, tans and nudes to give a bit of depth; texture helps with this as well – I love this t-shirt because it’s super comfortable, but looks a little bit fancy. 💁🏽