“Recipe” by @Mr_Hip #MusicVideo

Dear Vegans, this here is your anthem. 🎧 Mr Hip has moved to the west coast & served up a melodic message non-violence via food choice 🍌🌴💕

International Hip by @Mr_Hip

Written by PresidentELLA

You can always count on Mr. Hip to give you genuine vibes like no other. Since our college days, he’s been someone I can guarantee will have the attention of the entire room. Dripping in swag, Mr. Hip lives up to his name and provides entertainment at its finest.  

Roll in Peace by @JoshDWH (Cover/Remix of #KodakBlack)

Written by PresidentELLA

The homie, JoshDWH, never stops working. True to his brand, Dream Work Hustle, he’s been releasing videos lately upgrading your favorite rapper’s records. Given a pen (or a keyboard) this man knows what to do with words. He also knows exactly what to do with a mic and a stage.