Bouldering with Bae

Written by President ELLA

Bouldering was a great we-eat-out-too-much-and-we’re-gaining-weight date. We’ve been trying to find ways to be active, without locking ourselves in a sweat building. I always admire that couple in the gym but… it just ain’t us. Instead, we’ve turned our focus to fun activities we can do together.  Bouldering, which is basically rock climbing without the ropes, was so much more than I bargained for when it came to a workout… and enjoyment 🙂 

Stranger Things on Netflix

Written by PresidentELLA I am not the only one who loves Stranger Things. With the release of Season 2, this is the perfect time to binge! A group a nerdy boys run into a super girl who escaped from a laboratory and help them defeat a monster from another dimension. This is a show for anyContinue reading “Stranger Things on Netflix”