Chanel, Valentino & MCM Handbags #SampleSale #Haul

Sample sales can be overwhelming, but I’ve been trained to handle them! We have tons of sporadic sample sales at work, which is how I get a lot of my best stuff. Due to season or business needs, most vendors clear out product to make way for new stuff. But it takes practice & preparation to get the right stuff! When there are tables and racks of Chanel, how do you know what to pick!?!? When you work in fashion you know that this is your bonus. Here’s my latest haul & how I decided on my purchases. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some tips for your next sample sale!

Stock Up on Florals!

My favorite trend of the fall has been florals. While the winter can get cold, florals in deep colors and really liven up your outfit. As you shop throughout the year, I’d recommend stocking up on florals in deep colors like blues, greens and burgundies which can easily transition into fall.