The 2019 Oscars

Surprisingly enough, the 2019 Oscars left me with a decent list of movies I actually want to watch. While the general public was weary of this award show since Kevin Hart was (kinda) forced to step down, it was fairly entertaining. While there weren’t a ton of great punchlines and skits, we were able to simply hear the speeches and watch the performances. I was actually glad to hear the tear-jerking thank you’s on stage instead of everything being a joke 🤷🏽‍♀️

Insecure S3:E7 – Obsessed-Like #Recap

Written by PresidentELLA

We’re in Issa’s head this entire episode. Taye Diggs follows her but she’s more concerned with Nathan. She thinks/hopes every text is from him. She even tries to get her selfie came together and posts something on instagram. She’s obsessed-like and then starts thinking bout reasons why he must not like her. Next step is figuring out why she shouldn’t like him she goes to his social media to stalk correctly. She even tries to lure him through a fake page her and her friends have, but she accidentally sends it from her own account (instagram allows you to delete, luckily lol).

Insecure S3:E5 – High Like #Recap

Written by PresidentELLA

We’ve been waiting for this episode! We open up with Issa driving around in her Uber trying to get her coins together and helping Molly do the same. She seems to be the Queen of Lit for this girl’s trip.

Insecure S3:E4 (RECAP)

Written by President ELLA

I’m more proud of Issa every episode. Maybe she sense my disappointment. (lol). At the end of last season, she turns down Daniel’s attempt to reinitiate their relationship [in bed]. In this episode, we start at another shut down; Danial shows up with a box of her things and she could  invite him in, but she doesn’t. It’s probably because Molly is also on the way, but that just shows that Issa is consciously choosing “other”. In sum, this is the episode of Issa choosing a better life, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

Insecure (Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2)

Written by President ELLA

Issa gets ON MY NERVES. Had a debate with my girlfriends because of this, but I get no less frustrated with her than any of my girlfriends who I don’t think are making the wisest decision (even if it’s myself). Picking up from season 1 where Issa basically cheated on her boyfriend and messed up her whole life, we start season 2 with her living with Daniel. While I’m glad to have Issa back, I hate to see her like this.